Kim Ha-neul’s move after finishing “Kill Heel” promotion is receiving applause from netizens

Actress Kim Ha-neul delivered her warm hearts to celebrate Family Month.

According to reports from IOK Company on May 6th, Kim Ha-neul recently visited the Holy Family Child Adoption Center to personally hand over her donation items in the celebration of Family Month.


Holy Family Child Adoption Center is a domestic adoption agency established in 1989 by the late cardinal Kim Soo-hwan. It is carrying out various activities to encourage adoption, create a healthy adoption culture, and eliminate prejudices against “single-parent families”.

Kim Ha-neul delivered essential items for babies, including wet tissues, diapers, bath products, baby snacks, seaweed, Waldorf dolls, etc. as well as cookies and coffee for volunteers and officials at the center.


In addition, it is known that the actress even spent time looking around the babies’ living space and the entire facilities at the center to show her sincere support and encouragement for children.

Hearing the story of a middle school student suffering brain dead after getting vaccinated in January, Kim Ha-neul immediately donated 30 million won. Moreover, she continued to do good deeds by donating goods to multicultural women and participating in a sponsorship relay created by people in the film industry.

In response to Kim Ha-neul’s move, netizens gave enthusiastic reactions, such as “She is spreading her good influence”, “Unnie, you’re so cool”, “She’s doing a lot of good deeds”, “I should donate, too”, etc.

Kim Ha-neul recently met the small screen viewers through tvN’s drama “Kill Heel”, which ended on the 21st of last month.

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