K-Pop male idol commits suicide at home after being sentenced to prison for sexually assaulting a 20-year-old girl

Himchan – K-pop idol who has just been sentenced to prison has shocked netizens with the news of attempting to take his own life at his private residence

Korean media reported that 31-year-old male singer Himchan (B.A.P) has just been found to have committed suicide at his own home. Fortunately, this 31-year-old idol is currently out of danger and in stable condition at home.

According to a media outlet on the 14th, Himchan attempted to take his own life at his private residence on the evening of June 13

Fortunately, he is not in life-threatening condition anymore, and is currently resting at home.

According to a representative on the same day, “Himchan’s mother received a call from Himchan’s acquaintances expressing worry about his health. Fortunately, a big accident had been prevented.

He added, “Himchan had failed to meet fans’ expectations and was sorry to disappoint fans with his actions”

Himchan attempted suicide after posting a long message on his Instagram on the 13

In the post, he said, “I am writing because I want to say sorry, even if it is late.”

He explained, “There are a lot of articles and stories that are made up different from the truth, so I don’t want to waste my breath on those.”

 “Please forgive me for not being able to repay those who have believed in me until now. I’m sorry.” He apologized again

At the end, he said, “Good-bye. Thank you for all this time,” which drew attention from netizens.

Meanwhile, Himchan was indicted without detention on charges of sexual assault in July 2018. He was sentenced to 10 months in prison in the first trial last February.

In October of last year, he released his solo single album and announced the resumption of his activities. However, in the same month, he was caught driving under the influence of alcohol and was embroiled in controversy again.

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