SBS released new information on Seungri’s scandal: Ji Chang Wook is the next person involved?

Fans thought that the idols related to Seungri’s incident were all announced, but SBS now calls out Ji Chang Wook’s name, which made the fans puzzled.

Ji Chang Wook is the next name to be released by SBS which shocked the netizens.

After nearly 2 months of breaking Kpop scandal of Seungri, the police have investigated and brought out many famous names related to incidents like Seungri, Jung Joon Young, Choi Jong Hoon (FT ISLAND), Lee Jonghyun (CNBLUE) and Yong Jun Hyung (Highlight).

5 names above were thought to be enough for this scandal, but recently, netizens once again had to be shocked when they heard that the “screen god male” – Ji Chang Wook seemed to be related as well.

Originally, Ji Chang Wook was in the process of fulfilling his military service and in May this year, the actor will be officially discharged. So, no one expected him to be dragged into this scandal and it wasn’t until the “I Want To Know That” episode aired that netizens were shocked when Ji Chang Wook suddenly got named.

Ji Chang Wook is in the process of completing his military service and will be discharged in May.

I Want To Know That is an SBS documentary program that goes into analyzing controversial events in many areas like society, religion, politics… The show makes many viewers look forward to when they promised the broadcast on March 24 will mention Seungri’s scandals, with the documentary titled Burning Sun Gate.

According to a few episodes that aired, Ji Chang Wook seems to be a frequent guest of Burning Sun and Arena Club. In a few photos taken when he came to this place, people realized that Ji Chang Wook took a selfie photo with a Taiwanese VIP guest of Burning Sun, it was Ms. Lin.

Picture of Ji Chang Wook posted by SBS.

In the posted picture, I Want To Know That censored this woman’s face and left only the face of Ji Chang Wook. The show also revealed that Ms. Lin was one of the investors for Burning Sun when she owned a 10% share, and Ji Chang Wook was called the “crown prince” in Arena Club.

In addition, the old posts about Ji Chang Wook on social networks were also “dug up”. In this series, an anonymous netizen shared the fact that Ji Chang Wook was partying at Burning Sun in October 2018, just around the time that the army allowed Ji Chang Wook to have a vacation.

The article from last year was “rediscovered”, revealing that someone saw Ji Chang Wook come to party at Burning Sun.

However, SBS’s listing of Ji Chang Wook is not considered an accusation or claims that the actor is directly related to the Seungri scandal. However, the station spent a lot of broadcast time to talk about Ji Chang Wook might be a sign that they had some negative information in their hands.

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