Leaders Of “Street Woman Fighter 2”: Bada’s Syndrome Attracts BTS V, Lia Kim Gains Support From Kpop Stars

“Street Woman Fighter” has become a global competition and once again created a craze with Season 2

Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter 2” introduced 8 dance crews from different countries with unique characteristics and excellent skills. Ranking No.1 among the most-watched programs on all channels for both women and men in their 20s for five consecutive weeks, the show is proving its hot popularity and preference among young people.

Street Woman Fighter 2

While various hot topics about “Street Woman Fighter 2” are pouring out, the presence of the crew leaders is highlighted.

Main characters who surprise viewers! Kirsten & Bada & Halo who do all the cool things

JAM REPUBLIC’s leader Kirsten was a talented member of Royal Family crew and other dancers on the show also expressed their admiration for her extraordinary presence. She drew attention when pointing out Waackxxxy in the “No Respect” battle. Regarding her decision, she explained, “Waackxxxy is very strong”. Kirsten actually picked world-class dancer Waackxxxy because she wanted to compete with a strong opponent. 

During the Class Mission in episode 2, the leaders shone even more. BEBE’s leader Bada became the center of attention as she led the virality of the “Smoke” dance challenge and aroused keen interest in the process of making choreography then took over the Main Dancer position. When the dance she created was chosen, Bada tearfully confessed, “I felt relieved because I did not disappoint my crew”.

Street Woman Fighter 2

The mindset of Wolf’Lo’s leader Halo, who supported Bada’s choreography, also became a hot issue. She praised Bada’s choreography, saying “I cannot find any weak points in this”, but surprised everyone when mentioning that ‘taking away someone else’s choreography is one of the strategies’. In front of her crew, Halo said, “I don’t do anything that is not cool”, capturing the hearts of viewers.

Unexpected leadership! Mina Myoung “I’m glad my kids didn’t get the ‘Worst dancer’ title” & FUNKY-Y “You’re doing great”

Episode 3 showed DEEP N DAP’s leader Mina Myoung, who was labeled ‘Worst dancer’, shedding tears, saying “But I’m glad my kids did not get this ‘Worst dancer’ title”. She added, “I’m upset because I felt like I’m having the underdog image, but I’m proud of my kids because they didn’t get this title”. Bada cried together because she understood the weight of being a leader.

In the unreleased stage, MANNEQUEEN’s leader FUNKY-Y’s determined and reliable side stood out. After getting named Redlic as ‘Worst dancer’ by Latrice, Redlic practiced fiercely for her battle and FUNKY-Y helped Redlic practice without leaving her side. In order to raise Redlic’s spirit, she commented, “You’re doing great”, showing her strong leadership.

Leadership of support and trust! Lia Kim & Nob &Akanen, “Precious time with no regrets”

In episode 4, 1MILLION faced a crisis when preparing for the KPOP Death Match Mission. During practice, Lia Kim shared, “I came here as the leader of 1MILLION but I’m very angry at myself because I did not get any good results. I couldn’t prove anything”. She then expressed her affection for her crew members, saying “When I hit the floor, I realized how precious they are to me”, while taking an IV to recover her condition amid the intense competition.

Street Woman Fighter 2

LADYBOUNCE certified their 15 years of experience in the KPOP Death Match Mission and Nob was one of the highlights of this mission. Mixing high-level life moves in the Choreography Copy Round, Nob said, “I have to put more effort into each mission”. Her strategy succeeded, and LADYBOUNCE won over DEEP & DAP. 

TSUBAKILL left the show after being eliminated in episode 4. Leader Akanen confessed, “I have no regrets. It was a precious time in my life being able to have battles with you all”.

Fresh charm and trendy image! Leaders are receiving love calls from the advertising industry

Along with various modifiers, such as “leadership” and “beautiful and cool”, these leaders are also currently the top choices by various advertisers because of their fresh charms and trendy images. It is rumored that the advertising industry is sending offers for beauty and fashion ads as well as photoshoots to the dance crews. 

Meanwhile, Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter 2” has exceeded 250 million viewers on YouTube (“STUDIO CHOOM”) with videos related to the show. The Mega Crew Mission will be unveiled in episode 5, which is scheduled to air at 10 p.m. on September 26th.

Source: Naver

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