Appearing on livestream with Jisoo, will the visual of Lisa (BLACKPINK) deserve the title of “Asia’s most beautiful beauty”?

Everyone admits that Lisa’s beauty is always outstanding.

Recently, Lisa and Jisoo (BLACKPINK) appeared together on the livestream to interact with fans.  This is also not the first time these two beautiful members of BLACKPINK live together.

Appearing on the livestream, the real beauty of Lisa and Jisoo received attention from the public.  Especially when Lisa is called “the most beautiful beauty in Asia”, and Jisoo is “the most beautiful Kpop idol”.

Through the unmodified pictures, it can be seen that the real beauty of Lisa and Jisoo is still extremely attractive and outstanding.  Although sitting next to the visual of the group, Lisa’s beauty is not inferior. With her bangs, Lisa’s beauty is even more impressive.

Before that, Lisa surprised the whole world when she stripped her bangs and showed off her outstanding face. Immediately this action of Lisa climbed to the 7th position in the top of the most searched keywords in the world.  Therefore, this action of Lisa surprised fans.  Because up to now, bangs have been considered immutable for Lisa.

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