BVLGARI event: BLACKPINK Lisa and Liu Yifei provide a “visual feast”, powerful vs sweet

This is the first time two global ambassadors of BVLGARI have the opportunity to meet each other and appear in one frame.

Recently, an event gathering the world’s top entertainment stars officially took place at a splendid palace in Italy.

According to Italian media, the event welcomed 500 guests, including global ambassadors of the BVLGARI brand, regional representatives, and important figures of the company. In addition, the event also invited VIP guests who were extremely wealthy customers that have spent substantial amounts of money to purchase expensive jewelry sets.

As a result, from an early hour, a large number of reporters and fans waited outside the palace, hoping to meet their favorite stars.

Before the event took place, fans were eagerly anticipating the appearance of global stars such as BLACKPINK Lisa, actress Zendaya, actress Anne Hathaway, Liu Yifei, and many more

No.1 hot search: Lisa – Liu Yifei in the same frame

Lisa and Liu Yifei in the same frame

Firstly, the reunion of two Ambassadors Liu Yifei and Lisa must be mentioned. As the few Asian beauties at the event, Liu Yifei and Lisa attracted a lot of media attention. When they both appeared on stage alongside the CEO of BVLGARI, Mr. JC Babin, Liu Yifei and Lisa made for an extremely outstanding scene.

Liu Yifei officially became the global ambassador of the Italian jewelry brand BVLGARI at the beginning of 2023, while Lisa has been a part of the brand since 2021. Liu Yifei’s official appointment as ambassador caused a “social media storm” on Chinese SNS platform Weibo. 

The picture may be low quality, but the visuals of Liu Yifei and Lisa are obviously high quality.

If Liu Yifei was sweetly beautiful and extremely feminine in her long pink gown, then Lisa created a completely different extreme, looking regal and powerful in her black dress. Each ambassador brings a different kind of atmosphere.

In fact, the keyword “Lisa and Liu Yifei in the same frame” is currently topping the hot search on Weibo, attracting a huge amount of interest. Most netizens are extremely excited about the meeting of the two goddesses, though many are still waiting for “full HD” photos of Liu Yifei and Lisa.

Lisa exuded a regal and classy vibe in her black dress
lưu diệc phi
Liu Yifei opted for a sweeter style with her pink gown

Most valuable moments

BLACKPINK Lisa sitting with Anne Hathaway, Zendaya, and Priyanka Chopra

Moreover, the photo of BVLGARI’s four ambassadors next to the brand’s CEO is also going viral on social media. According to netizens, if the moment Lisa and Liu Yifei stood next to each other was a “visual feast”, then Lisa sitting with Anne Hathaway, Zendaya, and Priyanka Chopra made for one of the most “powerful” frames that shook social media.

Yang Yang, who has been the ambassador of BVLGARI in China since 2021, is also widely mentioned with his appearance at the BVLGARI event. Previously, the actor’s ambassadorship was announced on his 30th birthday.

lưu diệc phi
Yang Yang is one of the few male stars invited to BVLGARI’s event

Yang Yang and Liu Yifei at the BVLGARI event

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