4 Korean celebs with huge influence recently: BLACKPINK, Song Hye Kyo, Youn Yuh Jung and SEVENTEEN

COSMOPOLITAN praised 4 artists who recently boasted extraordinary influence.


In 2019, BLACKPINK became the first Korean girl group to perform on the Coachella Festival stage. After four years, they returned to Coachella as the headliner, drawing global attention. Before BLACKPINK, only five female artists have performed at Coachella, which has held a total of 22 festivals until this year, as headliners. They are also the first Asian girl group to achieve this! Moreover, BLACKPINK once again proved their overwhelming influence by attracting over 250 million viewers participating in the Youtube streaming of Coachella.


Youn Yuh Jung

Beauty brand Sulwhasoo has signed a partnership with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. To commemorate this event, the brand’s global ambassador Youn Yuh Jung attended the event and showcased her shining presence. 


The actress delivered a speech that she personally wrote in English. It is said that she amazed everyone with her humorous and witty side throughout the speech! The fact that Youn Yuh Jung became a beauty model at the age of 75 left a great impression on the public.


SEVENTEEN recently made a remarkable comeback with the release of their 10th mini album “FML” on April 24th. The boy group sold more than 4.55 million copies in the first week of the album release, ranking first in the first-week sales rankings of all K-pop idols. In addition, they also topped Japan’s Oricon chart for two consecutive weeks, marking their all-time career peak. 


Especially, the reason this comeback of SEVENTEEN gained huge attention is that their outfits suit their magnificent song so well. The luxurious Asian-style costumes, which are inspired by traditional Korean hanbok, made their stages look even more shining, causing many fans to go crazy. Above all, the binyeo (Korean traditional ornamental hairpin) that member Jeonghan used in the music video and on performances highlights his beauty and helps spread Korean culture around the world.

Song Hye Kyo

Together with other Korean representatives, BLACKPINK Jennie and Choi So Ra, actress Song Hye Kyo attended the world’s largest fashion charity event ‘2023 Met Gala’ held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in May every year. 


As an ambassador for Fendi, she showed off her elegant princess-like visual in a pink dress. Her Hime-cut hairstyle made her beauty stand out even more. Following the success of her drama “The Glory”, Song Hye Kyo continued to steal the spotlight with her presence at the Met Gala.


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