“Winning 45.6 billion won in Squid Game, he must have spent them all on making movie”… Lee Jung-jae and “Hunt”, his debut work as a director 

The film “Hunt” directed by Lee Jung-jae has been out in theaters.

The Korean film industry is at its summer peak with movies coming to theaters one after another. Among them, “Hunt” was rated as the least anticipated work compared to “Alienoid”, “Hansan: Rising Dragon”, and “Emergency Declaration”.

However, the atmosphere surrounding Lee Jung-jae, who is widely known as an actor, and his debut as a director through “Hunt” is unusual. Many people thought the movie would do well since Lee Jung-jae recently gained popularity with “Squid Game” but the high quality of the movie has blown away such thoughts.

lee jung jae

Shall we take a deeper look into the movie “Hunt”?

After “Hunt” was unveiled in the Midnight Screening section of the Cannes Film Festival, director Lee Jung-jae actively accepted all the negative reactions. He re-edited the action scenes of the two men in the second part of the movie that were not clearly shown because of the 1980s setting. 

Therefore, the version that premiered in theaters is different from the one released at Cannes, which has become the driving force behind the tension and excitement of the viewers. Many people were fascinated by the fact that director Lee Jung-jae also appeared as an actor in “Hunt”. He worked hard on the script for 4 years then participated in both acting and directing the movie. 

Lee Jung-jae

Moreover, this movie also confirmed the true friendship between actors Lee Jung-jae and Jung Woo-sung. The two worked together in the same movie again 23 years after “City Of The Rising Sun”. Jung Woo-sung worked hard days and nights to present the most beautiful two-shot scenes of him and Lee Jung-jae to the audience.

It’s also interesting to see top stars willing to accept the role even if they have no lines to support each other. Their rare long-lasting friendship in the movie industry is certified once again, drawing admiration from fans.

the hunt

“Hunt” presents various situations that can easily be imagined based on true stories. The main point is that the external justification for catching an internal spy and the internal justification for the assassination of the president are mixed with the beliefs of the two passionate main characters.

Who will become the winner in the fierce competition between two men who have different beliefs but the same goal? “Hunt” has been released in theaters so don’t miss it. 

Source: Daum

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