“Big Mouth” Go Mi Ho – the all-rounder wife of Lee Jong Suk, who may be the final boss?

Yoona’s role in the new K-drama “Big Mouth” has been making waves on the Korean small screen.

Right from its first episodes, the newly-released K-drama “Big Mouth” has managed to attract huge attention with its intense and fast-paced writing. As the series is mostly male-centric, the audience are more focused on Lee Jong Suk’s male lead character. However, the gear is shifting towards Yoona’s role Go Mi Ho, who has been stealing the spotlight despite her lesser screen time.  

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On the screen, Go Min Ho is a gorgeous, feminine, and talented wife, who may look like she’s harsh towards her husband, but actually has a lot of love for him. In addition, she is also extremely competitive, and reluctant to lose. 

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This personality is clearly shown through her dumping her ex-boyfriend despite being heart broken, as she’s afraid of being dumped herself. In addition, she refused to break up with her now-husband Park Chang Ho, and even invested all of her savings to help him through law school. Go Mi Ho is simply a strong character from day one. 

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And, she gets even stronger after her marriage, as shown in episode 2, where she readily gave the teens upstairs a lesson. As a result, Park Chang Ho often gives in to his wife and avoids making her mad. 

Nevertheless, Go Mi Ho is extremely loving and loyal, even when her husband was unjustly sent to prison. She also puts her whole faith in his innocence, even when faced with “evidence” that said otherwise. To gain someone who trusts you wholeheartedly is no easy feat, and yet, Go Mi Ho never once doubts Park chang Ho. 

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Strong as she is, Go Mi Ho quickly composes herself and tries to find justice for her husband, as well as find the true mastermind behind his imprisonment. 

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On top of all that, Go Mi Ho is more than just a beautiful nurse and loving wife. She is also clear-headed and quick-witted in dangerous situations, doesn’t trust people easily, and quickly detects that she was being followed. All in all, Go Mi Ho is a perfect “strong female lead”, who doesn’t have to know martial arts and cool trick to be able to save herself. 

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In episode 4, Go Mi Ho’s capability was taken to the next level, as she turned the situation around. In particular, just as viewers thought the villain had successfully disqualified Mi Ho from her nurse duties, she managed to take the upper hand. 

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Against accusations about a changed medicine formula, Mi Ho simply took out a photo she took of the original one, leaving hero opponents, as well as the audience shell-shocked. 

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With such overwhelming intelligence, however, many started to suspect Go Mi Ho to be the true “Big Mouse” – the mastermind of this K-drama. This is actually a valid speculation, as our female lead is too capable to be true.

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Still, in order for such a theory to come true, there will need to be a drastic, well-executed, yet convincing plot twist, and as of the moment, Go Mi Ho is still a smart and lovable female lead, and perhaps one of Yoona’s best acting performances. 

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