BLACKPINK members all look stunning and charismatic in “Pink Venom”’s teasers and posters but who’s the best? 

BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” promotional photos swept across social media. 

After two long years of waiting, BLINKs finally have their moments of joy to see BLACKPINK’s gorgeous glams in their one-of-the-kind concept teasers to promote their title track “Black Venom”. Moving on from the monotonous snake-fang design in the past few days, 4 members break the screen with bold and unique looks, kicking up whirlwinds on the Internet. Using a thematic pastel pink, these concept teasers stand out thanks to the members’ captivating expressions and the provocative mirror crack. 

In this concept teaser, Jennie and Jisoo have the safest appearances. First of all, Jisoo’s top-notch visuals are shown in its entirety with the idol filling the screen in a makeup look that highlights her natural yet superior features. 

Jisoo and her “ice-cold” expression 

For Jennie, the idol, with a standard shoulder and flexible posing, shows off her doll-like image. With her hair braided back, Jennie conveys an expressive look with her eyes as well. No need for sophisticated poses, her individual picture is still able to captivate the audience with the idol’s natural photogenic appearance. 

Jennie’s photogenic look 

Lisa causes the most surprise when she moves on from her branded hairstyle to wear a long and burgundy hair color, transforming herself into her most unique image ever. The dancer’s beauty shines bright, blowing viewers away with only a glimpse. 

Lisa and her buzz-generating hairstyle 

Finally, Rosé stands out the most when only she is wearing a red top, distinct from other members who wear pastel pink, raising speculations about this intentional switch in style. 

Rosé is the only member who wears red 

On August 11st, BLACKPINK continued treating fans to another “visual feast” of a second series of posters for “Pink Venom”. In these photos, BLACKPINK shows off their stunning beauty, supreme charisma and brass, expressing the “black” side of the group. Especially, Lisa changes up her hair, leaving fans wondering if she perhaps may be the “final boss”? 

blackpink jisoo pink venom
Jisoo exudes swagger with her lip ring 
blackpink jennie pink venom
Jennie looks cool in her streetwear 
blackpink rose pink venom
Rosé looks stunning but safe in this series of posters 
blackpink lisa pink venom
Lisa continues treating the fans with a brand new and mysterious hairstyle 

Despite varying opinions about these idols’ looks and styles, there is no denying about the heat these girls are able to generate. With just a few minutes passing, social media users shared and discussed relentlessly about BLACKPINK’s appearances in these concept teaser photos. Each discussion post attracted tremendous interaction traffic. BLACKPINK never disappoints their audiences with maturing visuals and more explosiveness. They are sure to become the next trendsetter for the younger audiences. 

Several netizens’ comments: 

  • Oh my, Lisa looks gorgeous without her bangs, Rosé looks stunning with short hair; Jennie still has her top-tiered vibe; Jisoo’s features are crazy beautiful. 
  • Never feel disappointed with BLACKPINK’s posters, their appearances alone can generate a fever. Three consecutive eras of trendsetting. 
  • They are all mine! 
  • I have been a fan for 6 years yet my heart still skips a beat whenever I see Jennie, she looks so stunning. 
  • This is the first time I saw Lisa in this style, so appealing! 
  • Lisa never runs out of surprise. She can take on any look and never stop challenging herself, no day is dull with Lisa.
  • You can definitely kill with your eyes. So stunning, Rosé. 
  • Jennie’s head and body proportion feels just like a doll. She is superior! She can take on any concept, and nothing can be a problem to her. 
  • Jisoo’s aura is off the chart. No wonder she is the visual of a global group. 

Not only their photos but their individual teaser videos also dominate the social media. In their 4 teasers, BLACKPINK showcase their top-notch visuals and captivating aura.  


BLACKPINK’s concept looks are extremely bold this comeback with more bold and revealing outfits. While the teaser only lasts for 15 seconds, the members’ expressions are enough to leave viewers gasping for air by the second. Unlike the sweet pastel pink they wear, BLACKPINK shows off their deadly attraction that is demonstrative of their theme, “Pink Venom”. 

YouTube is considered BLACKPINK’s strongest platform when the group possesses a variety of billions of views of music videos. “Pink Venom” is no exception. While the group has only put up their comeback schedule for “Born Pink” promotion and the promotional clips for the title track lasting only around 15 seconds, they are still able to achieve a dream number of viewership. Up to this point, “Born Pink” trailer has reached 20 million views and each member’s teaser video has reached 10 million views after several hours of upload. 

BLACKPINK’s formidable achievement on Youtube 
The members’ teasers garnered enormous views after only one day
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