Lee Jong-suk is the real “Big Mouse”?… Meticulous acting skills

Actor Lee Jong-suk caused goosebumps with his dark charisma.

In MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Big Mouth” (written by Kim Ha-ram, directed by Oh Chung-hwan, produced by AStory, Studio Dragon, A-Man Project), Lee Jong-suk once again caused a thrill. He captivated the small screen by adding persuasive power to the intense development with his meticulous acting skills.

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As a proof of this, episode 5 recorded 10% in the metropolitan area and 9.8% nationwide (Nielsen Korea, paid households). The drama is breaking its own highest ratings day after day.

In episode 5, Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-suk) passed the “Big Mouse” test by Gong Ji-hoon (Yang Kyung-won). He accurately presented a list of 5 drug dealers, and his changed eyes and expressions made people believe that he was Big Mouse. Peter Hong (Shin Seung-hwan), who would falsely state that he saw Big Mouse, died in the interrogation room, further doubling the shock. The next target of Park Chang-ho, who had nothing to fear, was the NR Forum trio who were imprisoned as suspects in the “Gucheon University Hospital Murder Case”. Park Chang-ho urged the three to confess. He threatened, “Otherwise, you’ll all die. As suspicious death in here.”

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His move to move in accordance with the Big Mouse Law was brutal. In particular, there was no hesitation or compromise for those who touched his wife Go Mi-ho (Im Yoon-ah). He expressed cold anger towards Gucheon Mayor Choi Do-ha (Kim Joo-hun), who mentioned Go Mi-ho by asking what exactly she is supposed to be, “Let’s not cross the line. I’m responsible for my wife.” He also never backed down on Gong Ji-hoon. He sent chrysanthemum to Gong Ji-hoon’s wife Ashley Kim (Kim Kyu-seon) and said, “My Mi-ho, touch her one more time. I’ll send you the most horrible gift in the world.”

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The appearance of lawyer Park Chang-ho, who had to be framed as Big Mouse himself to survive and protect his family, was completely erased. Now, Park Chang-ho is confusing viewers by giving off the aura of Big Mouse, the king of the dark world. Park Chang-ho’s suspense was possible because of Lee Jong-suk’s excellent acting skills. Lee Jong-suk even changes the temperature of the air with a single meaningful word and a change in his eyes. His cold face created a multi-layered tension. Attention is focused on whether Park Chang-ho will be the real Big Mouse and how far Lee Jong-suk’s transformation will be.

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Meanwhile, MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Big Mouth” starring Lee Jong-suk airs every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 PM.

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