“41 years old” Han Hye Jin, first celebrity to appear on a cohabitation program? “I want to try it so badly”

Model Han Hye Jin heralded her cohabitation before marriage. She revealed that she would be the first celebrity to appear on a cohabitation program.

On Feb 6th, the press conference of Channel A’s entertainment show “Cohabitation, Not Marriage” was held online. CP Kim Jin, PD So Soo Jung, model Han Hye Jin, comedian Lee Yong Jin, dancer Aiki and actor Lee Soo Hyuk attended the event.

Channel A’s “Cohabitation, Not Marriage” is an observation entertainment program that captures various aspects of couples living together. This program allows couples that decide to live together instead of getting married to talk about the advantages of living together and their practical concerns.

Han Hye-jin

Han Hye Jin, who has been active on various dating variety shows such as “Love Naggers”, was selected as an MC. Regarding Han Hye Jin’s casting, CP Kim Jin said, “Han Hye Jin is the best ‘love nagger’ in Korea. At the same time, I thought I could cast her as a contestant if she did well someday.”

Han Hye Jin caused laughter as she replied, “If I find a partner someday, I’ll be the first celebrity to appear on a cohabitation program.”

Regarding the reason for her appearance on “Cohabiting, Not Married”, Han Hye Jin said, “I was curious. I’ve hosted a program that looks into people’s lives and also done a program that deals with viewers’ viewpoints. Isn’t cohabitation something between marriage and love?” I really wanted to solve my curiosity about that.”

Han Hye-jin

She continued, “What’s interesting about cohabitation is that there are people who don’t go out after going home from work. The fact that lights go on when you enter your house is quite symbolic. I believe that human warmth is the biggest advantage of cohabitation”.

In addition, Han Hye Jin shared, “I think it is not normal for strangers to enter our living area. I wondered what would make me uncomfortable when my lifestyle overlaps with that of someone else. Looking at young couples nowadays, I don’t think they are uncomfortable with each other but they are actually worrying about causing discomfort to the person who will live with them in the far future. That’s why they’re carefully preparing for a cohabitation plan by themselves.”

Han Hye-jin

When asked who he wanted to invite as a cast member, Lee Soo Hyuk picked Han Hye Jin. In response, Han Hye Jin said, “I want to try cohabitating so badly”, drawing laughter.

With her strong desire for cohabitation, Han Hye Jin plans to get that experience through the cast members of “Cohabiting, Not Married”. She told the viewers, “Movies and entertainment shows bring vicarious satisfaction. We will definitely let you know about some cohabitation experiences. You can get experience first then consider cohabitating later.”

Channel A’s entertainment program “Cohabiting, Not Married” airs every Sunday at 9:10 p.m. 

Source: Daum

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