All 7 members of YG’s new girl group BABYMONSTER revealed: Will Yang Hyun Suk’s comeback work succeed?

All 7 members of BABYMONSTER, a girl group launched by YG Entertainment after 7 years, have been revealed.

On February 6th, YG Entertainment unveiled Ruka, the last member of the rookie girl group BABYMONSTER.


In the released live performance video, Ruka performed P.Lo’s ‘Feel Good (Feat.G-Eazy)’ and Honey C’s ‘Gwola (Feat.Kid Ink & Maino)’.

Ruka showed high-quality rapping skills with a low-pitched tone. She also captured attention with her cool stage presence with strong hip-hop vibes and swag.

As a result, all 7 members of BABYMONSTER, from Haram (15) to Ahyeon (15), Chiquita (13), Asa (16), Rora (14), Pharita (17), and Ruka (20), have been revealed.


Haram’s sensibility and vocal ability are outstanding. Ahyeon boasts explosive rapping and superior singing skills.  Chiquita, the youngest member, has excellent expressions despite her young age. Asa has a trendy tone. 

Rora’a sensuous groove is impressive. Pharita has a clear yet dreamy tone. As a trainee at YG Entertainment for 5 years, the eldest member, Ruka, who has been trained the longest among the BABYMONSTER members, has a unique presence as a rapper.

Haram, Ahyeon, Asa, Rora, and Ruka showed off their powerful yet dramatic dance performance to Young Money’s ‘Senile’. Their “all-rounder” charm makes fans look forward to the birth of a monster rookie.


With members from multiple nations, including 3 Koreans (Ahyeon, Haram, Rora), 2 Thais (Pharita, Chiquita), and 2 Japanese (Ruka, Asa), it can be seen that YG Entertainment is targeting the global market with BABYMONSTER.

BABYMONSTER is YG Entertainment’s first new girl group, 7 years after the debut of BLACKPINK in 2016. Previously, Yang Hyun Suk announced his return as YG Entertainment’s general producer and revealed that he has put a lot of effort into BABYMONSTER.

Think of them as a BABY that has the genes of YG”, he said, adding, “Just like how they shocked me at monthly evaluations over the past 4 years, I really hope they become ‘Stars that will shock this world’. Please judge them the way you see and hear them.”


Seniors at the agency also praised the group, with WINNER Lee Seung Hoon saying, “There is absolutely no doubt about how outstanding their skills are”. Meanwhile, fellow WINNER member Kang Seung Yoon commented, “There aren’t that many talents out there that can do so well like this.”

AKMU also showered the group in praise, with Lee Su Hyun saying, “They were really good at facial expressions and gestures that can really steal people’s attention”, and Lee Chan Hyuk expressing, “I think they’re the type of singers that’s hard to find in Korea.”

baby monster

BLACKPINK Lisa also commented, “All 7 members go well with each other“, and BLACKPINK Jennie revealed her thoughts, saying, “They’re really good overall”.

Finally, dance trainer Lee Jung showed her admiration by claiming the trainees were “born with talent” with determination visible in their eyes.

The changes that BABYMONSTER will bring to the music market are highly anticipated. YG Entertainment themselves also played into the excitement, saying, “Since all 7 individual performance videos have been released, we will start operating BABYMONSTER’s debut project in more detail from now on.”

Source: Nate

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