YG introduces Ruka, last member of BABYMONSTER, a 20-year-old rapper from Japan who trained for 5 years 

YG has unveiled Ruka, the last member of the company’s new girl group BABYMONSTER.

On February 6th, YG said, “Ruka is fluent in Korean as well as Japanese. She showed off her own rap made in Korean.” YG posted the video “BABYMONSTER (#7) – RUKA (Live Performance)” on its official channel on the same day.


20-year-old Ruka from Japan performed P.Lo’s “Feel Good (Feat. G-Eazy)” and Honey C’s “Gwola (Feat. Kid Ink & Maino)”.

From the start, Ruka radiated her own hip-hop vibes and swag. She presented groovy rapping with an attractive low-pitched tone. In the second song, she showed off extraordinary stage dominance.


Ruka’s confident facial expressions, unique leisurely gestures, and cool movements using her arms and legs revealed her unrivaled presence as a female rapper.

Ruka has been trained for the longest period among BABYMONSTER members as a YG trainee for 5 years.

With the last member revealed, all 7 members of YG’s new girl group have been introduced. There are three Koreans (Ahyeon, Haram, and Rora), two Thais (Pharita and Chiquita), and two Japanese (Ruka and Asa).


The live performances of 7 BABYMONSTER are receiving enthusiastic responses from global fans. Each video exceeded 10 million views within a few days of its release, and the combined views exceeded 100 million views. The number of subscribers to the group’s official YouTube channel is approaching 700,000.

As BABYMONSTER is YG’s first girl group to be launched in 7 years since BLACKPINK, it is expected that BABYMONSTER will change the game of the global music market beyond the domestic music industry this year.

Lastly, YG asked for anticipation, saying, “Now that all 7 individual performance videos have been released, we are planning to launch BABY MONSTER’s debut project in more detail from now on.”

Source: Wikitree.

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