Lovestagram rumor of Oh My Girl Arin and NCT Mark is spreading on Twitter

Netizens raised suspicions of Oh My Girl Arin doing Lovestagram with NCT Mark.

It was found out that Arin recently uploaded a picture that looks similar to Mark’s profile photo. Putting their photos together, a kiss can be created. In addition, dating rumors of the two have spread for a long time, so this Lovestagram moment is adding more weight to the suspicion.

NCT Mark

Last year, Mark posted a picture of him kissing the sun on Instagram. He later set it as his profile photo. Arin also released a sun-kissing photo similar to Mark’s on February 5th.

NCT Mark

Mark and Arin are known to have graduated from the same high school. They were classmates at SOPA (School of Performing Arts Seoul). Later, they debuted with their own idol group and are still maintaining a good friendship. According to testimonies of some alumni, Mark and Arin were close friends at school.

Oh My Girl Arin

Netizens commented, “There have been various rumors about the two, but it really looks like Lovestagram this time”, “Idols can date, right?”, “I can be a coincidence”, “Fans will cry if they see the picture”, etc.

Oh My Girl Arin NCT Mark

Mark will appear on JTBC’s “Newsroom” on February 6th and deliver weather forecasting news with reporter Lee Jae Seung. He will also introduce NCT 127’s new title song “Ay-Yo” of their 4th full repackage album released on January 30th.

Source: wikitree

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