BlackPink fans are angry because of Vietnamese rapper’s vulgar rap lines about Jisoo

This male rapper is being severely condemned by the online community in general and BLACKPINK fans in particular.

Recently, the Vietnamese male rapper named RichChoi has become the focus of netizens’ attention when he uses offensive language to Kpop fans and Jisoo BLACKPINK member in the video “rap battle” with another rapper posted on March 31.

Specifically, in a “rap battle” against his opponent, RichChoi chose to criticize Black Pink and Jisoo personally because he knew the opponent was a fan of this girl group and especially loved Jisoo.

The rap lyrics were quickly translated into English, causing Black Pink‘s international fans to be angry. Meanwhile, from the evening of April 2, the Black Pink fan community in Vietnam was so angry that they called for respect for the idol by asking RichChoi to apologize.

Besides, Black Pink fans also showed their attitude with hashtag #ProtectJisoo and #RespectJisoo. Many people believe that the diss on each other is very popular in “rap battle” culture, but dissing on an unrelated Kpop idol with such vulgar and obscene words is not civilized.

Many people pointed out that even in Korea – where Hip Hop culture developed, vulgar rap can also cause rappers to be punished, even sued or sent to prison if the lyrics offend others. The case of the rapper Black Nut is a typical example: he was sentenced to 1 year in prison and 2 years probation for writing a vulgar rap which insulted rapper KittiB.

BlackPink fans even visited RichChoi’s site to ask for a public apology but the Vietnamese rapper has yet to give any feedback. According to a fan, when the person texted RichChoi, the rapper said it was a joke and did not consider the incident to be serious.

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