“He secretly filmed her and pretended that he was talking to JYP on the phone”… Youtuber criticized for his behavior towards ITZY member

Netizens criticized Youtuber Kagwang for his action when accidentally meeting ITZY Chaeryeong on the plane.

Youtuber Kagwang recently hosted a live broadcast on the plane. That day, he happened to be on the same plane with ITZY members.


As Kagwang continued filming and did not recognize Chaeryeong, viewers expressed frustration. Seeing comments pointing out “ITZY”, “Chaeryeong”, etc., in the live chat, Kagwang said, “I don’t know who she is. Who is Chaeryeong?”. At the request of some viewers, the Youtuber turned his camera around and secretly filmed Chaeryeong.

After finding out that Chaeryeong is a member of the famous girl group ITZY, Kagwang sang ITZY’s hit song “DALLA DALLA” and pretended that he was talking to JYP CEO Park Jin Young on the phone. Knowing someone was filming her secretly, Chaeryeong reportedly moved her seat.


Netizens who saw this scene reacted, “Why did you pretend to be on the phone with Park Jin Young?”, “Chaeryeong must have been very shocked”, “She moved her seat. I think she handled it well”, “You have to be quiet on the plane”, etc.

Some others commented, “It’s strange that he kept saying he didn’t know her although she was right next to him”, “He even sang ‘DALLA DALLA’”, “I can’t believe he accidentally met her that way”, etc.

Source: Wikitree 

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