Supporting Character from “Bloodhounds” Goes Viral with a Scene Gaining 7 Million Views 

This actress in “Bloodhounds”, despite having a minor role, captivates viewers with her charm.

Since its release on Netflix, “Bloodhounds” quickly took the top spot globally. The 8-episode series focuses on intense battles surrounding the two male leads. However, a female supporting character is going viral despite only appearing in 2 episodes.

Appearing in the last 2 episodes of “Bloodhounds”, Oh Da Min is loved for her interesting interactions with the two male leads. She is the niece of Oh, the driver whom the two male leads, Gun Woo and Woo Jin, respect and owe a debt to. Oh allows Gun Woo and Woo Jin to temporarily stay in Da Min’s small apartment, which initially annoys her. 

Jung Da Eun

Oh Da Min later joins Gun Woo and Woo Jin to rescue her uncle. It turns out that On Da Min is a skilled archer. She is like the “maknae sister” protected by Gun Woo and Woo Jin.

In the scene where, before investigating a villain, Gun Woo and Woo Jin cover Da Min’s eyes and ears to prevent her from hearing or seeing anything unpleasant. This brotherly behavior of the two combined with Da Min’s cuteness makes the scene garner nearly 7 million views on social media.

Jung Da Eun

Playing Oh Da Min in the last 2 episodes of “Bloodhounds” is actress Jung Da Eun. Born in 2001, Jung Da Eun has only taken on some supporting roles so far. However, most of the projects she has starred in , such as “D.P” and “Youth of May”, have gained popularity. As a result, with her adorable appearance and chubby cheeks reminiscent of Wonder Girls’ Sohee, Jung Da Eun is a promising name in the K-drama scene.

Source: K14

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