Yang Dong-geun Cried During ‘Moving’ Shoot: Entering His Third Prime

Actor and musician Yang Dong-geun showcased a powerful presence

On September 26th, Esquire magazine unveiled a photoshoot capturing Yang Dong-geun’s unique charm as an actor.

In the photos, Yang Dong-geun effortlessly dons various outfits, from a hoodie to an aviation jumper, autumn coat, and a white suit, exuding a relaxed and powerful vibe.

yang dong geun

In the following interview, you can discover Yang Dong-geun’s genuine charm as an actor. When asked about why he has been posting dance videos on social media recently, he mentioned being influenced by trends on social media. He said, “Even though I’m getting older, I was deeply impressed by people who dance without embarrassment and young people enjoying dancing on SNS trends.”

Regarding his albums as a rapper, he coolly said, “I absorbed and released music recklessly.” When asked about his impact on the history of Korean popular music, he expressed sincere gratitude, saying, “It feels like I’m being rewarded for all the concerns I had about the music I made in the past.”

yang dong geun

He also evaluated his acting career, saying, “It feels like I’ve entered a third prime.” He talked about changes in his attitude toward acting as he discussed his past and recent works. He also revealed a touching story about shedding tears on the set of “Moving,” which drew attention.

Yang Dong-geun has recently completed Season 1 of the Disney+ series ‘Moving.’ He also announced his casting in Season 2 of the Netflix series ‘Squid Game’ and is currently filming.

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