‘Kyeon Mi Ri’s daughters’ Lee Yoo Bi and Lee Da In to face off in a drama competition

Drama fans are looking forward to the competition between “7 Escape” Lee Yoo Bi and “My Dearest” Lee Da In

Starring Nam Goong Min, Ahn Eun Jin, Lee Da In, and Lee Hak Joo, “My Dearest” is leading among Fri-Sat dramas in terms of both ratings and hot topics. It has recently wrapped up Part 1 with 10 episodes and is scheduled to air Part 2 in October. Despite suffering a miscast controversy before its official broadcast, “My Dearest” succeeded in captivating viewers through word of mouth with Nam Goong Min’s excellent acting performance and intense story developments.

Lee Yoo Bi

In particular, Lee Da In also gained favorable reviews for her portrayal of the wise and kind-hearted Kyung Eun Ae. This achievement is more meaningful since she finally received recognition as an actress after suffering criticism due to her “golden spoon” family background.

Ahead of Part 2 broadcast, some are complaining about the ending of Part 1 with Yoo Gil Chae (Ahn Eun Jin) choosing Gu Won Moo (Ji Seung Hyun) instead of Lee Jang Hyun (Nam Goong Min) and suspecting the possibility of a female lead change as Lee Chung Ah’s character meets Lee Jang Hyun. Although Nam Goong Min explained that Yoo Gil Chae and Lee Jang Hyun’s love story will continue, some viewers are still disappointed. 

lee da in

While “My Dearest” is taking a break, “7 Escape”, starring Lee Da In’s sister Lee Yoo Bi, aims to take over the empty throne. This revenge drama depicts the survival struggles of seven people involved in the case of a missing girl due to numerous lies and desires. It’s a new work by director Joo Dong Min and writer Kim Soon Ok, who created “The Last Empress” and “Penthouse” series. 

In this drama, Lee Yoo Bi plays Han Mo Ne, a star at her high school and an aspiring idol who has everything, from outstanding beauty to a wealthy family background and excellent talents. Introducing her character, Lee Yoo Bi said, “She’s a superstar, but there is a fatal weakness behind her fancy appearance that can cause her to lose everything”. Through the released teaser and still cuts, Lee Yoo Bi is expected to show a completely new acting transformation.

The 17-episode drama “7 Escape” will end on November 18th. As a result, it is inevitable that it will face “My Dearest” Part 2, which will start airing in October. 

As both Lee Da In and Lee Yoo Bi are introducing new works at the same time, attention is focused on the rating competition of their dramas.

Source: Daum

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