A girl group member born in 2000 who exposed her underwear but fans can only see her abs

Several celebrities have introduced a fashion style that unzips pants and slightly exposes panties.

Red Velvet Joy showed this style in a pictorial with Calvin Klein, which was released in March.

Earlier, Mamamoo Hwasa unzipped her jeans and revealed her underwear in the “HIP” music video.

Meanwhile, a female idol born in 2000 is attracting many people’s attention by showing off this fashion style.

She is Loona Heejin.

Recently, some photos of Heejin were posted on Loona‘s official Instagram with the caption “Hot summer”.

In the photos, Heejin showed off her unique fashion sense by matching a white cropped T-shirt with purple pants.

In addition, Heejin unzipped her pants and slightly exposed her pink-white underwear.

Along with Heejin’s cool fashion style, her body received a lot of attention.

She drew admiration from fans by revealing her solid abs, slender arms and perfect proportions.

Netizens responded enthusiastically, “She exposed her underwear, but I can only see her abs”, “Her abs look awesome” and “She’s so pretty.”

Meanwhile, Heejin debuted in 2016 with Loona’s digital single album “HeeJin”.

Source: insight

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