Top 5 actresses who cry the most in Korean dramas: Son Ye Jin’s beautiful crying scenes still can’t compare with the legend at No.1

The following actresses always break viewers’ hearts because of their pretty-crying in Korean dramas.

It seems that in every Korean drama, the crying scenes always leave the audience with many emotions.  However, not everyone can be confident with how they look when crying. However, for the following Korean gorgeous actresses, the crying scenes seem to only enhance their top-notch visuals.

1. Choi Ji Woo

When it comes to the most tear-jerking Korean dramas, it is impossible to not mention “queen of melodramas” Choi Ji Woo. Having a soft and innocent face, Choi Ji Woo is meant to take on the female lead roles with a weak personality and a tragic fate that makes viewers cry buckets of tears every time they watch her on screen. Thanks to melodrama series such as “Beautiful Days”, “Winter Sonata”, and “Stairway to Heaven”, Choi Ji Woo is always remembered by the public as the “queen of tears” in Korean dramas.

choi ji woo

2. Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin also became popular after playing sad roles in Korean romance films and dramas. She is always associated with productions with depth such as The Classic, Summer Scent, April Snow, etc. Son Ye Jin has extremely expressive eyes that give off subtle melancholy but are also very special.

3. Seo Hyun Jin

Despite starting as a singer, Seo Hyun Jin‘s acting performance is always full of emotions. Especially in Another Oh Hae Young or most recently You Are My Spring, the audiences burst with emotions with the crying scenes of the actress.

seo hyun jin

4. Soo Ae

Always present in tearful Korean dramas, Soo Ae is dubbed the “crying queen”. Over a decade of filming, she has brought the audience different emotions with the impressive list of characters she has portrayed. The most prominent works starring Soo Ae are Emperor Of The Sea, The Flu, and Mask.

5. Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo’s acting is always praised by the fans in dramas with sad storylines because her emotional voice and expressive eyes are the biggest advantages  of Song Hye Kyo when portraying different characters.

Source: K14

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