BTS’s Jungkook Reveals Behind-the-Scenes of Self-Shaving

The behind-the-scenes of BTS’s Jungkook self-shaving prior to his enlistment has been revealed

On December 12, Jungkook, along with fellow BTS member Jimin, officially enlisted in the military. After receiving basic military training, he will continue his service as an active-duty soldier in the army.

In the midst of this, Jungkook’s brother shared a photo on his personal account, capturing the image of Jungkook shaving his hair with a razor in front of the mirror before his enlistment. Jungkook’s brother expressed affection for his sibling by adding the comment, “Seeing the enlistment news reminded me of 10 years ago, and it feels strange. Take care of yourself, and see you soon.

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Meanwhile, before his enlistment, Jungkook shared his feelings during a Weverse live broadcast on the morning of December 12, expressing his thoughts on being away from fans for a year and six months.

I will be enlisting tomorrow. This will likely be the last live before my military enlistment”, Jungkook said, adding, “I’ll go and come back safely.

Jungkook expressed his gratitude, “Thank you so much for supporting me until I leave. I hope you stay healthy and happy. I will miss you.

Lastly, Jungkook said, “Since I haven’t entered the military yet, I can’t do the salute, but after completing training, I will greet you with a salute in a dignified manner. I love you all. I’ll come back stronger.

On another note, Jungkook solidified his position as a global pop star by achieving three consecutive successes with his singles ‘Seven,’ ‘3D,’ and his first solo album ‘GOLDEN,’ released in July. With these new songs, he not only topped Billboard Hot 100 but also entered Billboard 200 at 2nd place, showcasing his power as a soloist.

Source: Nate

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