MOMOLAND’s Hyebin and former UNB member Marco are dating

Hyebin, a member of Momoland, and Marco, a former member of the group UNB, started a public romance. However, Marco is accused of telling lie.

On May 17th, MLD Entertainment, the agency of Momoland, revealed to NewsN that “After confirming with Hyebin, it is true that Hyebin and Marco are in love.”

They did not discuss things such as the length of her engagement or the progression of her love story because it is her private life.

Recently, on social networks, netizens have posted several couple items of them as evidence photos, along with the claim that the two are in love.

Hyebin debuted as a member of Momoland in 2016. Their global hit songs were well-received by both domestic and international music fans. She has completed her final performance of her debut film, “The Correspondence Line,” on the 9th.

Marco debuted as a member of HBY in 2017. And then, after completing KBS 2TV’s survival program “The Unit,” he re-debuted as a member of project group UNB. He recently participated in the web drama ‘Replay’ with (G)I-DLE Miyeon and SF9 Hwiyoung. 

Following the confirmation, a former fansite, @youandme0511, who has been a fan of Marco since 2019, stepped forward to expose his supposed lies.

Marco had personally come to a group chat with fans, according to the fansite, to refute the dating rumors. Hyebin and Marco’s relationship reports began to circulate in 2019 when they were spotted with couple things and often sharing photos in the same places.

His messages to the chat room are as follows:

  • “Yes hehe”
  • “No but there have been sayings that I am dating.”
  • “It’s totally not true.”
  • ‘No… That’s why, I came into the chat room because I wanted to tell you guys not to worry and to let you guys know.”
  • “Just because I’m upset!”
  • “It worries me, in various ways.”
  • “No but, I’ve never had a couple ring, not once since birth.”
  • “See you guys again hehe. If there is a way to help you guys to believe me, please let me know. I will try it out!!”
  • “I’ll come again heh”

Many people, on the other hand, are supportive of their relationship, despite the fansite’s outrage and supposed lies.

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