Vogue UK pointed out BTS Jin’s limitless abilities and expectations for his solo debut

BTS Jin’s limitless talent is receiving great attention and expectations for his solo activities are rising.

On May 20th, the British edition of famous fashion magazine Vogue published an article trying to predict the future of each BTS member.

Regarding Jin, the magazine said: “We predict Jin’s solo album will have us in tears. If you haven’t listened to his co-written solo song “Abyss” or seen him perform “Epiphany” onstage with just a piano, then be prepared with tissues, because these are heartbreakers. He’s got the perfect voice for soundtracks – clear and sharply emotive – and we think Jin helming the main song of another big-budget Korean drama would be unforgettable. He’s also the man whose laugh inspired a thousand memes, so although BTS haven’t done much in the way of variety shows in their homeland, if any member was a fit for the medium, it’s Jin and his natural comedic timing.”

BTS Jin’s limitless abilities

Later, news site Allkpop referred to this article and explained further the charms of Jin.

“Of course, Jin’s main interest and career path is being a musician and a singer. He has achieved great success in it already”, they said, adding that all songs composed by Jin can be considered “masterpiece”. Jin’s “natural talent” for composing and writing lyrics, as well as his ability to add his own unique charms into his pieces, are also praised. 

bts jin

Looking back at songs mentioned by Vogue UK, like “Abyss” and “Epiphany”, Allkpop concluded that Jin’s first solo album will be a work that includes insane vocals, beautiful melodies, and genuine and soul-touching lyrics. 

bts jin

As a result, Jin’s solo debut is highly-anticipated by the public, as his name is synonymous with excellent music.

bts jin

The news site also mentioned Jin’s other talents, as the male idol has boasted his acting abilities in various contents, such as BTS’s entertainment show “Run BTS”, the mobile game “BTS World”, and the webtoon “7Fates: CHAKHO”.

bts jin

Previously, famous voice actor Ahn Ji Hwan, picked Jin as the best BTS member to work as a voice actor and highlight the idol’s drive to work hard. As a result, fans from all over the world are wishing for the speedy arrival of actor Kim Seokjin, who will be sure to receive countless love calls. 

Jin is also loved for his excellent wit, sense, and humor, making him the perfect entertainment show personality. Korean media even praised the idol for his intelligence, warmth, and ability to make others feel confirmation, making him an ideal central figure for entertainment programs.  

bts jin

Finally, Jin shines in content creation as well, flaunting his unique and creative ideas while brainstorming for the game “BTS Island: In The SEOM”. A professional game developer was deeply amazed at the idol’s mind, and the majority of his ideas ended up getting used in the final version of the game. 

bts jin

Even BTS themselves call Jin their “king of creativity” and “content in the fresh” due to his ability to come up with innovative ideas and interesting stories in a blink of an eye. 

bts jin

The vast talents of BTS Jin therefore deeply impresses everyone, raising intense anticipations for his future activities, which should be of high caliber worthy of his intrinsic talents and great personality. 

Source: Daum

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