This idol went viral for her beauty pre-debut after appearing in BTS’s MV

This idol appeared in a BTS’ music video when she was a trainee. She is now at the top of many charts despite being a rookie.

Hanni of NewJeans, who debuted in July, drew attention as it was revealed that she appeared in the music video of “Permission to Dance” of BTS, her senior in HYBE, before her debut.

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Hanni, born in 2004, is a Vietnamese-Australian from Melbourne, Australia, and was found to have been part of a K-POP dance cover team there before her debut. At the global audition three years ago, she passed after singing “Would You Be So Kind” with a ukulele.

Despite the short training period of two and a half years, Hanni is praised for her high-quality singing as well as dancing skill. In addition, despite being a foreigner member, her Korean pronunciation is also natural.

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Hanni appeared in the music video of BTS with another New Jeans member Min Ji as trainees in July 2021. She attracted special worldwide attention among the trainees who appeared in the music video thanks to her eye-catching visual.

1 year later, Hanni made a successful debut as a member of the “monster rookie” New Jeans. Many people were surprised to know that New Jeans already received their first income two months after their debut. Many commented they had never seen such a fast pace, but all agreed that it’s understandable considering their successful debut.

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With such a great global influence, she has recently been selected as an ambassador for Italian luxury brand Gucci.

Meanwhile, Hanni’s group New Jeans will return with their first single album “OMG,” including their pre-released song “Ditto,” on Jan 2nd. The title song “OMG” was reportedly planned even before their debut. Hanni is said to participate in writing the lyrics for the first time this album, raising expectations.

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Currently, ahead of their comeback, New Jeans has opened a pop-up store with the dessert brand Nudake. The store attracts a large crowd even in the cold weather, proving the group’s popularity.

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