Park Na Rae’s dress fashion was so unique that Hyun Bin could not take his eyes off it

Park Na Rae becomes a hot topic with her unique fashion at every awards ceremony. Let’s take a look at Park Na Rae’s dresses.

Hyun Bin could not take his eyes off Park Na Rae‘s dress at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards. Park Na Rae wore a fusion hanbok dress.

park na rae

It is a hanbok dress with “stripes of many colors” as an accent. Its top is based on yellow and green. Park Na Rae neatly tied her hair up to draw attention to the hanbok.

At the 2022 Entertainment Awards, Park Na Rae caught the eye with her gorgeous silk dress.

Park Na Rae showed off her splendid figure with a slit dress with beads embroidered on it.

park na rae

Source: Daum

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