All you need to know about NewJeans: “Monster Rookie” on the raise to a global success 

NewJeans quickly captivates non-fans and the public five months after debut. 

2022 is the year for female K-pop girl groups to thrive, with rookie debuts taking over the social media and establishing astonishing achievements. NewJeans is setting a firm foundation for their successful future with a lively Y2K spirit permeating the scene. 

Debuting at a young age, the members have diverse origins 

NewJeans has a unique debut unlike other HYBE groups. They dropped a MV out of the blue and struck the audience with sound and image. Five members were brand new faces who have never participated in any idol contests in Korea, making the public curious about who they might be. NewJeans is a combination of five girls born in early 2000, including: Hanni, Minji, Danielle, Haerin and Hyein. Hanni and Minji were born in 2004 and the oldest in the group while Hyein was born in 2008 and is still a middle-school student. 

newjeans selca thumbnail
NewJeans created an alternative concept that distinguished themselves from the majority of K-pop 

NewJeans is a multinational idol group with Hanni a Vietnamese-Australian and Danielle a Korean-Australian. The group has a good grasp of English and is able to communicate with fans from overseas to build a global platform for the group’s popularity. 

Hanni is a Vietnamese descent 
Danielle caused a sensation on social media 

Regardless of their age, NewJeans demonstrates overwhelming talent and stage presence. They show stable dancing and singing skills and are highly regarded among the fourth-generation idol groups. NewJeans orients themselves to a youthful and energetic appeal that is suitable for their age and invites the audience to grow with the members. 

NewJeans brought the heat with “Hybe Boy” and “Attention” 
newjeans sbs gayo daejun
NewJeans’ performing skills are applauded 

The group’s visuals are also consistent among the members, allowing them to build an individual, stable fan base while remaining harmonious as a group. 

newjeans it's live
Consistent and affective visuals of the girl group are favored among the fan community 

High-quality music, impressive achievement and unique sense of fashion 

High-quality and remarkable digital chart achievements are the two important factors that ensure NewJeans’ success. The group’s four debut songs “Attention,” “Hybe Boy,” “Hurt” and “Cookie” boast a distinct combination of electropop and Hip-hop that contain catchy melodies and upbeat feel to their music. 

NewJeans’ first MV “Attention” 

NewJeans’ Debut EP recorded 311.271 sold copies in the first week. Moreover, NewJeans’ “Attention” achieved real-time All-Kill (RAK) in 20 days after its release. Not only that, their first EP was also one of the few chosen to be in “Billboard Top 100” of 2022, along with BTS’ J-Hope’s “Jack In The Box” and BLACKPINK’s “BORN PINK.”

“NewJeans’ “Ditto” (side A) 

“Ditto” is a sensation on social media with hundreds and thousands of videos on Tiktok Trending. The song only took 6 days to obtain a Perfect All-Kill thanks to the strong support of the listeners. 

In terms of fashion, NewJeans has an early contact with high-end brands. Four months after debut, Hanni, among other members, successfully became a Gucci ambassador. In addition, NewJeans frequented the magazine covers, fashion events and experimented with their styles. 

NewJeans frequented the covers of magazines with the support from big brands 
Hanni became a Gucci ambassador after 4 months of debut 

On the red carpet, NewJeans shows a consistent Y2K spirit through their fashion to embody the youthfulness and high class simultaneously. 

NewJeans further popularized the Y2K “fever” in Korea
newjeans ditto
The group demonstrates a clear orientation in music and fashion 

NewJeans is loved both domestically and internationally with Korean topics gaining high engagement. Their recognition reaches out to foreign countries such as Japan, China and other Southeast Asian countries. NewJeans is expected to elevate their status in the global market in the future. 

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