From drugs to premarital pregnancy, “YG’s problematic idols” iKON and BIGBANG all ended up leaving

All six members of iKON have decided to leave YG Entertainment and went on their own path after their contracts expired.

In 2013, iKON first appeared as B team on Mnet’s survival program “WIN: WHO IS NEXT?” to find the next idol boy group following YG Entertainment’s representative group BIGBANG. Team A, the winning team, made its debut in 2014 as WINNER, and Team B made its official debut in 2015 as iKON.


iKON was loved for various hit songs such as “MY TYPE”, “Rhythm Ta”, and “LOVE SCENARIO”. In particular, “LOVE SCENARIO” not only took over music charts and weekly music shows, but also created a widespread “LOVE SCENARIO” syndrome with overwhelming support from kindergartens and elementary school students across the country.

Although iKON was holding a winning streak with steady results on charts, in 2019, leader B.I. was embroiled in drug allegations. He then withdrew from the team and terminated his exclusive contract with YG. Even after B.I left the team and iKON turned into a six-member group, various negative rumors of iKON still continued.


Members Koo Jun Hoe and Kim Jin Hwan were found to have been in a drunk-driving vehicle, which put them under allegations of aiding and abetting drunk driving. At the time, YG put out an official apology, saying, “Even though we have strict internal regulations regarding DUI, such an incident still occurred. We are deeply concerned and strictly responsible for what happened.” On top of that, Koo Jun Hoe was also criticized by the public for his remarks in support of a writer who is known to be anti-Korean.

ikon Bobby

Bobby also made headlines when he suddenly announced his marriage in August last year. At that time, Bobby shocked fans by revealing the news of his spouse’s premarital pregnancy.

iKON was widely loved by men and women of all ages for their unique lyrical melody and emotional music. At the same time, they got stained with various rumors and controversies.

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iKON, which has been at the center of controversy for years, stood in front of the public with new music by releasing their 4th mini-album last May after a hiatus of 1 year and 2 months. At that time, iKON showed their concerns about the future by confessing, “We think we will challenge ourselves without fear of change.”


On Dec 30th, YG wrapped up iKON’s seven-year history of ups and downs, saying, “We sincerely thank iKON for being with us as an artist. We will look forward to and support their activities in various fields in the future.” Attention is focused on the next move of the six iKON members, who ended their relationship with YG.

Source: Xports News, Sports DongA

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