Where wIll iKON’s future go after Bobby officially announced that he has a child and is going to get married?

When the news was that Bobby got married and was about to become a father in September, fans were even more worried about iKON’s upcoming 7-year curse.

On August 20, Bobby (iKON) suddenly announced that he was about to get married. He is even preparing to become a father in September when his girlfriend is 8 months pregnant.

The information was handwritten by Bobby himself to fans and published on his SNS. The male idol shared, “Hello, I’m iKON Bobby. Today I have something to say, so I wrote this letter after careful consideration. I promised to marry the person I love. And I am going to become a father this September.

Bobby iKON

Concerned about fans’ feelings, Bobby apologized for not being able to announce it sooner. He wrote: “To those of you who have always tried your best to help and support me despite my shortcomings, I feel I have a responsibility to remove that burden from your hearts. I sincerely apologize for hurting or confusing anyone who heard this news.”

Bobby iKON

However, the male idol did not reveal any details about his future wife or the time of the wedding. This unexpected news of Bobby has shocked many fans. However, both fans and non-fans still give the male idol many happy blessings and hope that his baby will grow up healthy.

Despite being happy on the outside, perhaps in the hearts of iKON’s fans are now burning like fire because they once again have to worry about the future of the group. Despite being an idol of YG, iKON’s success in the early years of its debut was not as outstanding as its predecessors. iKON was having a bright future after the success of the hit ‘Love Scenario’. Right after its release, this song won the Perfect All Kill (PAK) on all music charts, helping iKON achieve their first Daesang in their career at the 2018 Melon Music Awards.

Bobby iKON

It was thought that it would be solid ground to help iKON become more and more successful, but in June 2019, the group’s leader B.I was suddenly caught up in a drug-using scandal. B.I’s sudden departure from the group after only 4 hours of scandal has brought iKON’s future back to the difficult and thorny path. As the leader of the group, B.I is no different from the pillar, an indispensable member.  

Bobby iKON

B.I is the main producer, the brain behind many of the group’s songs. Right from the debut album, B.I has participated in producing most of the songs. Even, I ‘DECICE’, which is a promotional album with 6 members after B.I left the group, was molded by the male idol’s hand. Despite being the owner of a Daesang award and a group of YG Entertainment, iKON struggled a lot to find themselves a new chance when participating in Mnet’s ‘KINGDOM’.

Bobby iKON

From the very beginning, B.I and Bobby have been core members of iKON’s debut lineup, so Bobby is expected to be the one to lead iKON in the absence of the leader. As the first idol rapper to become the champion of ‘Show Me The Money 3’, Bobby has always been appreciated for his talent. At the beginning of this year, Bobby also stirred up the music market with his 2nd solo album ‘Lucky Man’.

Bobby iKON

However, what will his career be like after getting married and becoming a father? Even iKON’s future is unpredictable. Will Bobby continue to accompany iKON? Can the group overcome the 7-year curse when both of the core members have unexpected incidents.

All the controversies now are just speculation. The fans of iKON can only feel relieved until next year when iKON renews their contract. However, in the immediate future, they can still be somewhat reassured because Bobby himself has promised in the letter: “To the fans and members who are waiting for iKON’s new promotions, I will always be someone who tries their best. That will never change.”


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