How B.I’s absence will severely affect iKON’s future

K-Pop fans are worried about iKON’s dark future after their leader left due to the drug scandal.

On June 12th, YG fan community once again received a bad news when B.I (iKON) is accused by Dispatch of buying banned drugs in 2016. Even though fans were relieved after YG refused all accusation, the leader of iKON stirred up a whole new debate after he expressed that he wanted to leave the group to reflect on himself.

How B.I’s absence will severely affect iKON’s future
B.I (iKON) shook the entire K-Pop industry with his drug scandal.

At the moment, iKON’s fans are deeply confused by the biggest scandal ever of their idols. B.I departure equals a loss of an important member for this boy group.

Producer and composer of iKON’s hits

B.I is not just the leader of iKON, he is also the main producer of their music. Ever since iKON’s debut in 2015, B.I’s name always appears in the credit of iKON’s songs. B.I is the creator of iKON’s most famous hits such as “My Type”, “Airplane”, “Apology”,…and of course, the nation’s hit in 2018 – “Love Scenario”. He holds a big part in creating all those catchy and addictive melodies of iKON which help brought the group closer to the audience. Just in the producing field, anyone can see B.I’s importance to this 4-year-old group.

“Love Scenario”- iKON

B.I’s composing skill doesn’t just stay in his group’s music. The talent of this male rapper has been proved through many hits he has made for other artists such as “Born Hater” (Epik High), “Empty” (WINNER), “Whistle” (BLACKPINK) or the latest one, “NO ONE” (Lee Hi).

“Whistle” – BLACKPINK
“Empty” – WINNER

Multi-talented in rapping, composing and choreographing

The most prominent talent of B.I is rapping and composing. Aside from producing, along with Bobby, he is the main rapper of iKON. Sometimes, he also shows his vocal in some of his group’s songs. As one of the group’s aces, B.I is usually accused of being favoured by YG for having the most line and screentime compared to other members in iKON. However, considering B.I’s talent, he deserves the love.

How B.I’s absence will severely affect iKON’s future
Multi-talented, B.I is the definition of an all-round artist.

Not many people know that, beside his rap, vocal and producing skill, B.I is also the choreographer of many iKON’s dance, from “Mix and Match” to after their debut. This is kind of a hidden talent of B.I that no one will know if they haven’t followed him for some time

Owner of one of the biggest fanbase among his group members

After 3 survival shows B.I has joined – WIN, Mix & Match and Show Me The Money – he had already had a huge fanbase even before their official debut. As a leader, B.I is very strict to his teammate, no matter how older the other person is. With heavy responsibility on his shoulders, B.I always wants the best for his team, even though his care comes as criticism and scolding during practice time.

How B.I’s absence will severely affect iKON’s future
Before iKON’s debut, B.I was well-known as a strict leader.

From his leadership, personality, talent and professionalism, he indeed deserves one of the biggest fandom in iKON. Aside from that, B.I’s charm also comes from his determination and hard work which fans have already seen through “WIN” and “Mix&Match”.

B.I – the most well-deserved artist to be the next G-Dragon

Yang Hyun Suk once commented: “B.I might highly become the 2nd G-Dragon”. This has been approved by many because B.I is too talented. From visual, producing skill, rapping, singing, choreography or leadership, B.I has it all. These talents are high-quality enough to be approved by the public and have been proved through many hits which have been produced or composed by him. That is why no one opposes to B.I being in the top artists who deserve to be called the next G-Dragon.

How B.I’s absence will severely affect iKON’s future
B.I must be the most deserving name to be…
How B.I’s absence will severely affect iKON’s future
…the next G-Dragon.


Amid this scandal, YG has finally agree to B.I’s wish. iKON has officially lost their talented leader who has been through ups and downs together with them for the past 4 years and more. The current situation affects both iKON’s present and future when B.I has been and is playing a too important role in their group.

YG’s scandals still continue, iKON lost an essential piece and the most devastated right now is the iKONIC community. They feel hurt thinking about their idols’ future, and they don’t dare to think about the future where they cannot see their talented leader on stage anymore.

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