Kim Sae-ron, known as a “genius child actor” but keeps getting in trouble because of alcohol: Underage Drinking Controversy → Drunk Driving

The public has been expecting the right maturity of a genius child actor. Actress Kim Sae-ron has been caught many times because of alcohol.

On October 29, 2009, when Kim Sae-ron was nine years old, she made her leading debut in the movie “A Brand New Life ,” beating the competition rate of 1000:1. Through this work, she won the Rookie of the Year award at many film festivals, including the Buil Film Festival, and became a genius child.


At the time, the director said, “The reason why Kim Sae-ron was selected in the 1,000-to-one audition competition was that all the children acted so well, and Kim Sae-ron did the worst. Kim Sae-ron wasn’t acting, it was just Kim Sae-ron.”

The following year, she rose to stardom by being cast as a co-star with Won Bin in the movie ‘The Man from Nowhere‘. Kim Sae-ron took on the role of So-mi and once again got called a ‘genius’. Won Bin then took a break for 12 years after this work, but in the meantime, Kim Sae-ron had grown into a trustworthy actor.


She has established herself as a mature actress on screen through a series of film and television productions such as “The Neighbors“, “The Queen’s Classroom“, “Mirror of the Witch” , “Love Playlist Season 4,”etc

However, she is also entangled in many controversies surrounding her private life. In February 2014, a bottle of wine appeared in a photo taken by Kim Sae-ron with her friends, alcohol and cigarettes were featured in another photo, sparking controversy. At the time, she was still a student, so the controversy over underage drinking and smoking broke out.


Kim Sae-ron explained, “There was a family wine party and of course, there were adults. I sat on the sofa and took the photo of the wine without even knowing it was alcohol. I’m so sorry”, adding, “I was playing alone in the karaoke room during my rest after finishing busy schedules. I didn’t know that there was a package of cigarettes inside the room. I’m sorry”.


In particular, she added, “Alcohol and cigarettes might happen to be there but no one smoked in front of me”, adding, “Minors who are caught drinking and smoking secretly are mostly those who really want to try it out of curiosity. Rather than telling minors to not smoke because smoking is not good for their bodies, I think it’s better for adults to show a good image in front of children.”

Thanks to this detailed explanation, Kim Sae-ron successfully protected her image. After establishing herself as a lead actor in dramas and movies, she also drew attention for her easy-going personality through entertainment programs, such as “Downtown Fisher” and “On and off”. Everyone thought that the “national little sister” who was saved by Won Bin in “The Man from Nowhere” would grow up well.

However, she once again got into trouble because of alcohol. Many people were shocked to know that Kim Sae-ron tried to flee away after being rescued from the structures she crashed into near Hakdong Intersection in Gangnam-gu, Seoul at 8 a.m on May 18th. The police, who were dispatched to the scene after receiving 6-7 reports that a vehicle was staggering on the road, tried to conduct a breathalyzer test but the driver, Kim Sae-ron, wanted to take a blood test.


Kim Sae-ron’s agency Gold Medalist then explained through a position released through OSEN, saying “Kim Sae-ron conducted a blood test to get the most accurate result. She was accompanied home by her guardian after the test without having to do any other investigation. The blood test result will be announced in two weeks. Kim Sae-ron will faithfully comply with the police’s requests later on.”

kim sae ron

The exact conclusion of the incident still relies on the result of Kim Sae-ron’s blood test, but her reputation as the “genius child actor” has been damaged. Kim Sae-ron is also causing inconvenience to the entire film industry as she was previously cast in SBS’s new drama “Trolley” and was in the middle of the filming for Netflix’s original series “Bloodhounds”. 


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