“With vs. without bangs”… NewJeans Hanni’s hair styling with a completely different vibe

NewJeans member Hanni is attracting attention by creating a different vibe each time she styles her bangs and shaved hair.

At the ’37th Golden Disc Awards’ held at Rajamangala National Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand on the 7th, NewJeans won the rookie award along with LE SSERAFIM and IVE.

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With this, New Jeans achieved 4 new rookie awards following 2022 The Fact Music Awards, MMA 2022, and 2022 Asian Artist Awards.

When NewJeans is considered a ‘trendy idol’, the public pays attention to the members and special attention focuses on Hanni‘s hairstyle.

newjeans hanni

Hanni is attracting attention by giving off different charms whenever she shows off styling with and without bangs.

Hanni, with bangs that come down to the eyebrow line, creates a fresh and cute atmosphere, shaking the fans’ hearts.

newjeans hanni

With bangs covering her forehead, Hanni’s deep, clear eyes stand out, making fans excited, “So lovely.”

newjeans hanni
newjeans hanni

On the other hand, when Hanni exposes her forehead, her mature beauty explodes and draws admiration.

newjeans hanni

Her forehead bridge of the nose and the shape of her eyebrows matched perfectly. This is why some people say that she looks like a female lead from a youth drama.

newjeans hanni

Internet users praised her, saying, “It’s a perfect visual, so she’s pretty no matter what she does.”

Source: Insight

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