Future 2NE1 was supposed to debut at the same time as BlackPink, where are they now?

Does the Future 2NE1 still stick with YG and wait for their debut?

Longtime Kpop fans, especially YG stans, most of them know about Future 2NE1 – a project that was supposed to debut at the same time as BlackPink and was the juniors of 2NE1. Future 2NE1’s lineup includes Im Suah, Lee Chaeyoung, Lee Seoyeon, Moon Suah, Park Seoyoung. The members are still very young, most of them were born in 1999-2000.

future 2ne1

In this lineup, Lee Seoyeon and Moon Suah (10-year trainees) were reported to leave YG a long time ago. And recently, another member has left, it proved that they gave up their ambition to debut under YG after many years of being trainees. Specifically, Im Suah and Lee Chaeyoung created their own social network accounts, as a move to confirm that they left YG. Both of them have been practicing for a long time at YG, Chaeyoung for 6 years and Im Suah for 10 years.

future 2ne1
future 2ne1
Im Suah and Lee Chaeyoung opened their social network accounts to confirm that they left YG.

Spending their whole youth to practice and constantly working hard with the dream of making their debut but these trainees seem to have no hope when BlackPink is becoming too famous. And time does not wait for anyone, the teenager girls that day are now at their 20s. Future 2NE1 project is proof that to be able to debut as an idol, aside from beauty, talent and perseverance, they need lots of luck.

YG used to reveal a teaser video for “Future 2NE1” project.

Sources: k14

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