6 stars who pulled off “low-rise + underwear exposure” with their unrivaled physique

The “hottest” fashion trend among celebrities by far is “low-rise”.

Low-rise is a style of clothing designed to sit low on or below the hips, which also heated up the 2000s.

Not only foreign celebrities but also domestic celebrities drew attention by showing low-rise costumes one by one.

In particular, unlike the past, low-rise fashion nowadays boldly exposes underwear and gives off a dizzying charm.

Let’s meet stars who are uniquely pulling off low-rise outfits that expose their underwear.

1. Jang Won-young

Jang Won-young

Jang Won-young, who is active as a music show MC and a member of idol group IVE, boldly pulled off low-rise fashion.

With her superior height of 173 cm and unrivaled beauty, she excelled in low-rise costumes.

Also active as an ambassador for Italian luxury fashion brand Miu Miu, she once again reminded everyone of her nickname “Human Miu Miu” by exposing underwear with Miu Miu’s logo.

Debuting during her middle school days, she exuded a mature charm and received applause from many fans.

2. Jennie

Jennie Blackpink

BLACKPINK Jennie, who is enjoying worldwide popularity, also unveiled her low-rise fashion.

Jennie has been wearing low-rise sweatsuits and taking pictures to show off her trendy look.

Jennie pulled off the low-rise fashion perfectly with her perfect waistline and lean figure.

People are paying attention to what kind of bold fashion Jennie, who is currently positioning as a global fashion icon, will show next.

3. Lee Jung

Lee Jung

YGX‘s leader Lee Jung, who gained huge popularity by appearing on Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter“, also uploaded a photo wearing a low-rise outfit.

Lee Jung caught the eye by showing off her sexiness while exuding her “hip” charm without filtering.

Fans cheered loudly when Lee Jung, the youngest among 8 “Street Woman Fighter” leaders, exposed her underwear and showed bold fashion.

Lee Jung is gaining great popularity by appearing on entertainment programs.

4. Joy

Red Velvet Joy

Red Velvet Joy, the icon of “Cutie Sexy“, also wore low-rise and boasted her body.

Joy drew attention with her languid eyes and provocative poses.

In addition, she boldly opened the zipper of the jeans she was wearing and exposed her underwear, demonstrating the aspect of a “pictorial expert” without making any adjustments.

Fans praised Joy‘s endless charm.

5. Lee Yoo-mi

Lee Yoo Mi

Miu Miu’s global ambassador Lee Yoo-mi also wore low-rise fashion.

Lee Yoo-mi rose to stardom after two consecutive hits “Squid Game” and “All of Us Are Dead“.

As one of the hottest actors these days, she showed off her unique charm in a low-rise outfit, drawing attention.

Boasting unrivaled proportions and visuals, she pulled off low-rise fashion perfectly.

6. Noze


Noze, who was loved for her overwhelming beauty and incredible dance skills after appearing on Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter“, also unveiled her low-rise fashion.

Noze pulled off a bold outfit that exposed her underwear by exuding a “hip” image without filtering.

Having established herself as a wannabe for many women, she is still receiving a lot of love from the public.

She also stimulated the desire to lose weight by showing her solid body with great leg length.

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