“EDEN” Yang Ho-seok when asked to leave the show due to his past assault charge, “3 years of self-reflection, have reflected a lot on myself”

Many are demanding fitness model Yang Ho-seok, who is appearing in “EDEN,” to leave the show.

In response, Yang Ho-seok left a message that he had reflected on himself a lot during the self-reflection period.

IHQ ‘EDEN‘ aired its 1st episode on Jun 14th. “EDEN” is a love reality program for eight ordinary men and women looking for love without knowing about each other’s age and financial condition. The show is drawing controversial attention with its “Couple Dodgeball” game while wearing swimsuits in the first episode, which encourages physical contact, or the announcement of a mixed dorm where the male and female contestants all sleep together.

Yang Ho-seok

Among them, demands for the cast member Yang Ho-seok to drop out continued. Yang Ho-seok got into a controversy in 2019 with former figure skater Cha Oh-reum. At the time, Yang was handed over to trial for injuring Cha Oh-reum after arguing at a bar in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and was sentenced to six months in prison and two years of probation. After that, Yang Ho-seok has been booked again on charges of assault during the probation period.

In response, viewers criticized that it was not appropriate for Yang Ho-seok to appear in “EDEN.” After capturing an article title on his Instagram story on Jun 18th, Yang Ho-seok wrote, “I have reflected a lot during the three-year self-reflection period,” adding, “I will still receive the criticism regarding my past.”

In addition, many pointed out that Yang Ho-seok had excessive physical contact while playing the couple dodgeball game with female cast member Sun Ji-hyun during the first episode of “EDEN.” Some confessed that it was uncomfortable for them to watch, such as “Why did he touch her butt when they play couple dodgeball?” regarding the scene where Sun Ji-hyun’s body is closely attached to him and he touched her backside.

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