Physical contact → Sleep together… 15+ dating show Eden, controversial from first broadcast

Viewers expressed discomfort at the provocative level of the 15+ program “Eden”, from physical contact to sleep-together date.

On June 14th, IHQ’s new entertainment program “Eden” was first broadcast. The first meeting of 8 young men and women was depicted.

“Eden” depicts the process of 8 ordinary men and women finding true love by inferring the conditions of the other person who was instinctively attractive. Even before the first broadcast, it predicted an extraordinary dating reality show.

15+ dating show Eden

When the first broadcast was released, some viewers were uncomfortable with the high level of the 15+ program “Eden”. At the first meeting on the beach, all the cast members appeared in body-exposed swimsuits.

Besides, during the first activity (doubles dodgeball process), there was a scene where male cast members came close and touched hip to protect female cast members.

“Eden, Descendants Of Instinct

“Eden House” has 4 rooms for 3 people and 2 people. There was a rule that participants had to use the room with the opposite sex unconditionally. In addition, the high level of “bed date”, where men and women sleep together, was revealed. In particular, viewers pointed out that the bed allocation right given to the mission winner could become “a crime in society”.

MCs Lee Hong-ki, Yoon Bo-mi and Simeez were also surprised by the provocative content, saying, “It’s the most intense dating program I’ve ever seen”, “Can this be broadcast?” and “It’s too close.”


At the press conference that was held earlier, the production team expressed their concerns about the level and revealed, “We couldn’t intervene in the participants’ physical contact. We edited it in accordance with review regulations.”


Because of its focus on “human instincts”, attention is being paid to the dating reality show “Eden”, where provocative scenes such as constant exposure, physical contact and sleeping together are becoming common.


Source: Nate

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