3 aespa members tested for the virus upon landing in Korea after showing cold symptom

SM Entertainment explained why Giselle appeared alone earlier at the ICN airport after aespa’s US trip.

Recently, aespa had their first-ever overseas schedule. Accordingly, the group had a flight to the US to perform at the Macy’s ThanksGiving Day Parade on November 25.  After a successful performance and meeting fans in New York City, aespa returned to Korea today (November 28). However, some members of the group showed cold symptoms and had to undergo infection testing immediately.

aespa had to to perform under the cold weather in New York
aespa had to to perform under the cold weather in New York 

On the evening of November 28, according to schedule, aespa was supposed to arrive at ICN airport after their flight back from the States. However, only Giselle was seen heading outside, surprising the reporters and fans who were present. 

Giselle went back alone because her health is stable

Karina, Winter and Ningning have reportedly been tested for the virus after showing signs of catching the cold. Meanwhile, because Giselle has normal health, she was able to leave the airport first. After the test was completed, the remaining 3 members also set out to return home to wait for the results.

Karina, Winter and Ningning went out later because they had to be tested and are still waiting for the results. The members came out with the staff / medical staff wearing protective gear.

On the same day, SM Entertainment confirmed that Karina, Winter, and Ningning had cold symptoms, so they were tested in accordance with the rules for entering Korea. Before leaving New York, aespa members also got tested and received negative results.

Hopefully aespa members will all be healthy
Hopefully aespa members will all be healthy

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