Controversy over Sam Smith’s new MV: “I’m afraid children will watch it” vs. “So what if they do” 

British pop star Sam Smith, who surprises with his unconventional moves every day, has been heating up social media since the release of his 4th full album “Gloria”. 

On January 28th, Sam Smith posted the MV for his new song titled “I’m Not Here To Make Friends” on his YouTube channel. In the MV, Sam Smith appears in a helicopter, throws a bottle of champagne on top of a piano while wearing an unconventional corset and nipple tassels. Sam Smith then dances provocatively, showing rather explicit choreography with dancers all dressed in revealing outfits.

Sam Smith

Sam Smith’s MV, which was released after he chose his gender identity as “they/them” rather than “he/him” or “she/her,” quickly went viral across the Internet, sparking fierce debate. Some netizens pointed out that there is no age limit on the MV, so such content can be harmful to children.

In response, fans jumped to Sam Smith’s defense. Fans left comments such as:

  • “Female artists can make explicit MVs, but male artists can’t? The double standards must be eliminated”
  • “So what if children watch this? It’s not Sam Smith’s job to raise them”
  • “There are thousands and millions of videos that are far more explicit than Sam Smith’s MV” 
Sam Smith

Sam Smith also seems to be ignoring the controversy by posting a picture of himself wearing heart-shaped nipple tassels on his Instagram.

“There’s always a war between my body and my mind,” Sam Smith said. “Sometimes I think like a woman. I’m not a man or a woman, I’m just me,” he added, coming out as a “gender non-binary” with no gender distinction. After coming out, Sam Smith shared, “I’m tired of the criticism and hate that poured out on me. People on the street have yelled at me or spit on me.”

Source: Nate

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