Ryeowook (Super Junior) shared heart-warming act he did for Dokyeom (SEVENTEEN) during Dokyeom’s early days of debut 

The SuJu member put some pocket money into Dokyeom’s forgotten pocket on his own will. 

On January 31st, Super Junior appeared on the official YouTube channel of “1theK Originals” under the segment “Idol Appearance” where the members read their entries on Namu Wiki and checked the stated facts. 

Super Junior

While reading his Namu Wiki page, Ryeowook found a fact that read: “Dokyeom of SEVENTEEN left his wallet at SUPER JUNIOR’s dorm. So, he put several 50,000 won bills in it, bought icecream and shared those with SEVENTEEN members.” 


To this statement, the idol replied, “Dokyeom came to our dorm and he left his wallet inside my car.” He found the wallet and thought “Oh, What is that?” and decided to put more money in it because SEVENTEEN was still a rookie group back then. In repsonse, Ryeowook’s members replied playfully he should have returned the wallet only.

To lighten the mood, the members encouraged him to “take back” his money by saying, “Now, you should receive money from him. Receive about 100,000 won. Ask him to pay back. Call Dokyeom and say ‘do you remember?’” 

Super Junior

Continuing the joke, Ryeowook said jokingly, “Dokyeom-ah, this is me,” boasting a witty sense of humor. 

Interestingly, after the video came out, Dokyeom posted on Instagram, saying he had not forgotten that Ryeowook gave him “pocket money” and that they should go out for meals. 

Super Junior

Coincidentally, both Ryeowook and Dokyeom are main vocalists of Super Junior and SEVENTEEN, respectively. 

Source: insight

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