A minor who drank alcohol and smoked… Kim Sae-ron’s past photos are dug back after her drunk driving controversy

In February 2014, photos taken with Kim Sae-ron’s friends when she was 15 years old spread through SNS, due to which she was embroiled in allegations of underage drinking and smoking as wine bottles and cigarettes were captured in the photos.


Another SNS account that seems to be run by Kim Sae-ron‘s friend also posted several photos that included beer.

In response, Kim Sae-ron said that it is true that some of her friends drank and smoked, but it has nothing to do with her.


At the time, she said through her Cyworld, “The photo with wine and cigarettes was taken at a family party before the holiday,” adding, “I was not aware that wine was alcohol because there were adults there as well.”

“There was a cigarette, but no one smoked in front of me. I didn’t even think about doing anything against my age, so please trust me and watch me.”


Regarding the beer photo posted on her friend’s SNS, she also said, “It was a photo posted by one of my neighborhood friends last year. I didn’t know he was someone who drinks,” she said. “I became close to him because he was nice, but should I do a background check on a friend I have only met for the first time?”

The controversy ended with Kim Sae-ron’s explanation, but it is being re-examined after she got into a controversy over a drunk driving accident on the morning of May 18th.


Gangnam Police Station in Seoul is investigating Kim Sae-ron on charges of violating the Road Traffic Act (Drunk Driving). Police received a report around 8 a.m. about an unsafe car driving on the street. In response, they were dispatched to the scene and caught Kim Sae-ron, who was running away after hitting a few public structures on the street.

kim sae ron

However, it is reported that Kim Sae-ron asked for blood collection instead of on-site drinking tests and moved to the hospital to draw blood.

In this controversy, her agency said, “The results of the blood collection test will be released in two weeks, and we will faithfully respond to the police’s request later.”

Source: dispatch

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