K-netizens Have Mixed Reactions to BLACKPINK Jennie’s Amazing Abs In Hera Commercial 

Netizens could not stop talking about Jennie’s gorgeous body

On September 25, on the popular Korean online forum Nate Pann, a post was made with the title “Wow, Jennie’s abs are crazy…” 

jennie blackpink

The post includes a gif and photos of BLACKPINK member Jennie wearing a croptop, showing her well-defined abs. These images were taken from Jennie’s latest commercial with Hera.

The netizen who made the post went on to explain that the abs were the result of Jennie’s pilates practices.

jennie blackpink

In the comment section, many Korean netizens agree with the post about how amazing Jennie’s abs are. However, there are also comments accusing Jennie of using photoshop.

Original post: Pann Nate

Some of the comments are as below,

[+40,-49] Do you know videos can be photoshopped too? I know she’s hot and pretty but she should photoshop it properly.

[+27,-9] I think Jennie’s great as she can keep the same body shape without much change from the beginning of her debut, and even when she takes a rest.

[+25,-7] Jennie is preparing for her album, that’s why her form is crazy these days ㅠㅠ

[+15,-4] Jennie’s waistline is so pretty. It goes deep inside.

As of September 26, the post has gathered approximately 72,800 views and more comments are coming in.

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