“I live only with books and pictures” BTS RM reveals a house that looks like a museum

RM, a member of the group BTS, unveiled his house for the first time.

On the 10th, a video titled “RM ‘All Day (with Namjoon Kim)’ Part 1” was posted on the YouTube channel ‘BANGTANTV’.

BTS RM house

In the video, RM showed every corner of the house, saying, “At my house, it’s just me, books, and paintings.” As he said, the living room, the hallway, and every nook and cranny of the master bedroom were filled with works of art and books.

BTS RM house

The aspect of RM, who usually comforts in the living room, was revealed. Pointing to the high-stacked books, he said, “It’s almost full books I’ve read. I got these books out to read but they keep piling up. I keep on buying books” he said.

He then expressed his affection, saying, “Here’s some pottery that I like and just pieces of art I really like it.”

BTS RM house
BTS RM house

RM, who headed to the study, explained, “It’s an office space that I’m working on, but I think I’m almost using it like an exhibition space.”

RM said, “I like it very much, and I’m living well.”

Meanwhile, on the 2nd, RM released his 1st regular album ‘Indigo’ and showed his new side as a solo artist.

Source: wikitree

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