“Taking your man and making him my husband?”… The past story of Baek Ji-won and Jin Kyung in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” was revealed through an unreleased video

An unreleased video of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” has been unveiled to help the viewers understand the story more.

On July 22nd, an unreleased cut of ENA’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” was uploaded on ENA’s official Youtube channel. The title is “Hanbada VS Taesan, big hands that move the war!”.

extraordinary attorney woo

The video begins with Hanbada law firm’s CEO Han Sun-young (Baek Ji-won) meeting with a major client, who is a vice president, in the lobby of a hotel. The client seems to have had a meeting with lawyer Tae Soo-mi (Jin Kyung), a former CEO of ‘Hanbada’s rival’ Taesan law firm.

The client told Han Sun-young, who was feeling something unusual, that Tae Soo-mi had been appointed as the Minister of Justice so he wanted to change his law firm.

extraordinary attorney woo

Han Sun-young got angry so she went to Tae Soo-mi’s seat and said, “You must have become the Minister of Justice. You started a business before becoming a lawyer. Isn’t it a flaw?”, giving a sharp greeting. 

In response, Tae Soo-mi calmly said, “What business? You should’ve done it well. Don’t let it come to me”. Han Sun-young said, “Be careful. It takes a moment for a person to fall apart. You’re not a perfect person after all”, provoking Tae Soo-mi.

extraordinary attorney woo

Tae Soo-mi responded, “Oh? What flaw do I have? Stealing Hanbada’s client? Or taking away your man and making him my husband? I’m sorry, but that’s all the past”. The two revealed a part of their past stories.

Han Sun-young said, “I’m not talking about things you did with your true self. It’s about the mistake you made with an unusual decision unlike how Tae Soo-mi would do. Pure love during college days? The fruit of that love, don’t you remember? Be careful.” In response, Tae Soo0mi made an ambiguous expression.

extraordinary attorney woo

Earlier, the fact that Tae Soo-mi gave birth to Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin) when she was in college and abandoned her child so the father Woo Kwang-ho (Jeon Bae-soo) had to raise Young-woo alone was shown in the recent broadcast. Knowing about Young-woo’s existence, Tae Soo-mi wondered, “Did you resent me?”, and shed tears.

extraordinary attorney woo

Meanwhile, the viewers are showing enthusiastic responses to the unreleased video. They commented, “I love the unfiltered content that helps viewers solve their curiosity and understand the drama’s worldview. Thank you for not throwing this scene away and revealing it”, “The way the director boldly edited the drama considering the drama’s developments and story and at the same time solved the viewers’ curiosity about the meeting between Han Sun-young and Tae Soo-mi is really cool. They seem to know very well what the viewers want”, “Unreleased footage… This is such a good idea. The relationship between the characters and the missing parts of the show were revealed without breaking the flow of the show so that viewers can understand the flow of the drama better”, “Whose idea was it to release the unreleased scenes like this? It’s so great. It’s nice to release a clip without disturbing the flow of the drama”.

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