Even when she was about to fall, ITZY’s Yuna still didn’t forget to interact with fans 

Yuna’s adorable fanservice draws attention. 

ITZY attended the recording for KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank” held at KBS Hall in Seoul on the morning of July 22nd (Korean time).

Yuna waved to fans who were waiting for ITZY and went up the stairs to stand on the photo line to have their pictures taken by reporters. At that moment, her left leg was caught on the steps and Yuna almost fell because she was wearing heels. However, she calmly lifted her leg and stood up without falling. Yuna looked surprised as she stroked her chest with one hand. She then stuck her tongue out and made a cute expression to the fans who were worried. 

In front of the reporters, when asked to show the highlight choreography of ITZY’s new song “SNEAKERS”, Yuna did it with a bright smile, showing off the energy of a maknae. 

Yuna is known in the group as a member who communicates with fans well and does fanservice often. When all artists went up to the stage ahead of the winner announcement in MBC’s “Show Champion” on July 20th, Yuna warmly asked fans who came to watch if they had dinner by gesture. She also diligently interacted with the audiences by making eye contact and doing heart poses. 

After the photo time, Yuna was the first member to approach the fans and pose for them with a smile. Before coming inside the building, Yuna waved and smiled brightly at the cameras again. 

ITZY, on the other hand, won first place in the 4th week of July on Music Bank with “SNEAKERS”. Leader Yeji  thanked her fans, saying, “Thank you so much for waiting for our comeback, MIDZY.

Source: daum

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