Famous stylist Kim Woo-ri draws attention with his parody of Seo Ye-ji in “Eve”… “Promise that you won’t unfollow me”

Stylist Kim Woo-ri made a parody of Seo Ye-ji’s fashion, makeup and acting.

On July 22nd, Kim Woo-ri released a parody of Seo Ye-ji’s character in the drama “Eve” on his Instagram along with the caption “Watch until the end of the video and promise that you won’t unfollow me”, adding “I’m aiming for the Parody grand prize at the 2022 Drama Award”.

The released video shows Kim Woo-ri acting as Lee Ra-el, the character played by Seo Ye-ji in “Eve”, using a mobile app. He drew attention by imitating different expressions of the character one after another,

kim woo ri

Earlier, Seo Ye-ji made headlines with her unique styling that changed according to the drama developments. However, some viewers criticized that it was too excessive.

On this day, Kim Woo-ri said, “I think ‘Eve’ will be a well-made work in my heart that will be remembered for a lifetime”, expressing his feelings about participating in “Eve” as a fashion director.

kim woo ri

Earlier, Kim Woo-ri showed satisfaction about the fashion that matched the passionate performance of Yoo Seon in “Eve”, saying “Shh! As a director, I don’t know this Rael fashion very well, just pretend you don’t know”

On the other hand, Kim Woo-ri is a famous stylist and former singer. He made his face known by appearing on various TV shows and home shopping.

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