The secret behind the unique name of actress Kim Go-eun… “I was born a big baby”

A behind-the-scenes story about Kim Go-eun’s unique name.

Kim Go-eun made her face known to the public right after making her debut with the movie “A Muse”. Playing high school student Han Eun-gyo in this movie, Kim Go-eun performed so well that she even received Best New Actress at many prestigious film awards.

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As the work became famous, the public was also interested in actress Kim Go-eun as her name is quite unique. In this regard, the actress gave an explanation about her name in an interview for “A Muse”.

Known as an actress with a skinny body, Kim Go-eun revealed that she was born a big baby and weighed 4.1kg. Due to this reason, her father thought she would be ugly so he named her Kim Go-eun with the hope that she would grow up looking elegant and beautiful. (In Korean “goeun” means “elegant, having a classic beauty”)

Kim Go-eun

Despite the fact that she was born a big baby, Kim Go-eun looked absolutely skinny when she was in middle school. It is said that she gained a little weight after entering university but later lost weight again for the filming. Her current body shape was formed since then.

Source: Daum

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