Here is a behind story of Kim Go-eun’s first appearance in her debut film “A Muse”

T.M.I about the filming of Kim Go-eun’s debut film “A Muse” that movie fans may not know.

Kim Go-eun made her debut in the film industry through the movie “A Muse” in 2012. She played Eun-gyo, a high school girl who goes through the wall staircase to Lee Jeok-yo (Park Hae-il)’s garden and sleeps on the rocking chair. 

kim go eun

This scene marked Kim Go-eun’s first appearance on the screen and also became the symbol of the movie. It was even considered the lifetime scene of Kim Go-eun.

According to a behind-the-scenes story revealed after “A Muse” was released, Kim Go-eun was actually sleeping on that rocking chair, just like what is shown in the movie. 

kim go eun

In addition, there is a handle on the wall stairs to Lee Jeok-yo’s house that Eun-gyo often comes and goes in the movie. In fact, there was no handle at first but the production team made it for Kim Go-eun because she kept falling down the stairs during the actual filming. 

Source: Daum

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