From Na PD to Rain and Jo Jung Suk, celebrities who were hit with groundless and malicious rumors 

Korean celebrities got bruised by unfounded rumors.

Korea’s entertainment industry is suffering from unconfirmed rumors of infidelity. Recently, Rain, Jo Jung Suk, Kim Tae Hee and professional golfer Park Gyeol have become the victims.

Embroiled in rumors of cheating on their wives, through their agencies, both Rain and Jo Jung Suk have dismissed the rumors and announced that they would take legal actions against those who spread malicious and groundless rumors. 

This is not the first time Korean celebrities have suffered damage from such rumors. Although there is no proof, they were reported in actual articles. Numerous celebrities have complained of damage due to the unruly distribution of false information by the media.

Na Young Seok, most known as Na PD, was once a victim of adultery rumors. In October 2018, rumors spread rapidly that Na PD had an affair with actress Jung Yumi, who appeared in tvN’s entertainment program “Youn’s Kitchen” directed by him.

Na PD immediately issued an official press release and gave a tough response, saying, “All the rumors are false, and we plan to hold both the first distributor and the malicious commenters legally responsible.”

There were 10 people who spread Na PD’s rumors, including broadcast writers and freelance writers.  During the police investigation, they stated that they wrote those articles after hearing the rumors. They were handed over to trial in August 2019 and fined 3 million won.

In 2019, the late Sulli, a former f(x) member, was pessimistic about her personal life over baseless rumors. Sulli used to express her thoughts honestly through her SNS, without pretense or submissiveness. Because of this, hateful comments and rumors targeting Sulli arose online.


Sulli guested on JTBC2’s entertainment program “Night of hate comments”, which aired in July 2019, and revealed that the malicious rumors were hurting her a lot and that she found it unfair. 

As such unconfirmed information has a ripple effect on social media platforms and YouTube, celebrities in the entertainment industry are complaining of pain every day.

In response, critic Kim Heon Sik said, “It is irresponsible to spread unconfirmed rumors about the private life of celebrities who are not public figures. In particular, the theory of adultery is a serious issue that could destroy a family.”

“The privacy of celebrities is an area that does not need to conform to the public’s right to know. We should think of celebrities and public figures separately.” he added.

Source: Daum

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