JYP’s “Groove Back” Dance Challenge was completed in LA with the surprise appearance of ITZY

Park Jin-young successfully wrapped up the spectacular dance festival that caused a sensation in five cities around the world.

Starting with the event at Namsan Seoul Tower Square in Korea on Oct 8th (local time), Park Jin-young held “JYP WORLD P RPD (Random Play Dance) TOUR 2022” in five regions, including Barcelona (Spain) on Oct 16th, Bangkok (Thailand) on Oct 19th, Sao Paulo (Brazil) on Oct 22nd, and Los Angeles (U.S.) on Oct 24th.


LA K-pop fans and citizens gathered to see the last dance performance by the “forever entertainer” Park Jin-young. He showcased his detailed groove with strong and addictive melodies, boosting the heat at Venice Beach Windward Plaza at once and making the atmosphere at the scene become hotter and more passionate than the hot sunny day in LA. In particular, ITZY members Yeji and Chaeryeong also participated in the “Groove Back” Challenge and presented their amazing dance moves. Park Jin-young, Yeji and Chaeryeong’s chemistry with JYP’s unique dances drew admiration.

Park Jin-young has recently introduced “Groove Back” intro video and challenge contents full of fun to watch on JYP’s official SNS channel as part of his new project. Super Junior Shindong, who joined from the intro video to the Seoul Challenge, and his eye-catching dances were shown. In addition, “JYP’s favorite student” Sunmi also impressed everyone by proving the standard of hip groove. Before leaving for Barcelona, the venue for the second challenge, the atmosphere had already been warmed up through the harmonization work with Asiana Airlines’ assistant captain, flight attendants, and maintenance team employees.


When Barcelona Challenge was carried out, more than 1,000 local fans who wanted to dance with Park Jin-young gathered, and dancer Lia Kim also participated, hearting up not only the scene but also on SNS sites. During the Challenge in Thailand, fans lined up to enjoy the dance festival even under the heat of more than 30 degrees. They danced cheerfully and enjoyed the event to the fullest.

With the charm of South America, the Sao Paulo Challenge attracted a huge crowd of more than 3,000 people. Brazilian fans showed their excitement by applauding and cheering for “CEO J.Y. Park’s Groove,”

Receiving thunderous cheers, Park Jin-young made a promise through his SNS account after the challenge event ended, saying “Thank you for giving me precious memories that I remember for the rest of my life, and I will definitely return.”


In addition to the five cities where his new project ‘JYP WORLD RPD (Random Play Dance) TOUR 2022’ was held, Park Jin-young also awakened dance grooves in fans all over the world. Stimulating global fans’ desire to participate in dancing events like this with exciting choreographies that are easy to follow, Park Jin-young is also uploading photos and videos of the challenge participants on SNS channels as well as directly leaving comments and communicating with fans.

Meanwhile, you can find Park Jin-young’s “JYP WORLD RPD(Random Play Dance) TOUR 2022” videos on the Youtube channel “퇴경아 약먹자”, which has 2 million subscribers. 

Source: daum

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